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Hey Vantage! Exciting news!!! Our in house NTP has 12 Gifts for you this Holiday Season to survive the upcoming Holidays! Don’t miss out on these  Nutrition Tips and tricks for the Holidays!  Here are the first few – download the pdf for more!

The 12 days of Christmas, 8 days of Hanukkah and the 40 days this year that exist between Thanksgiving and New Years Day are always filled. They are packed with hustle and bustle. Jammed with traditions, customs and holiday parties. And if we are honest most of them are filled with excess, indulgence and every excuse in the book to do and have whatever we want: grandma’s epic sugar cookies, mom’s Chex mix, the holiday cocktail and one more glass of wine ”it is the holidays”!

While they can be merry and bright, we can wind up feeling and looking more like Santa than we would prefer. We work hard for so much of the year. Times of feast and celebration are needed. But with the excess we can end up loosing ground, moving backwards and just feeling pretty awful. Ideally, we all want to learn how to not just survive in the holiday season. 40 days is a long time! Small incremental choices we makes can set us up to not just survive but thrive this season.

These first three are staples of my world. They have been instrumental to my own food journey and food freedom. They come from the one and only Melissa Hartwig’s book, Food Freedom Forever. It is a mini- dialogue you can run in your head every time you are faced with something outside your normal healthy habits and decisions.

Here are my 12 little gifts to you this holiday season. I’ll call them the 12 gifts of giving! They are tips and tricks that I have picked up from fellow nutritionists, life lessons and habit junkies. I have found them extremely helpful in my own journey!

12 Gifts to Survive the Holidays

1. Do I want it?

No like seriously DO YOU ACTUALLY WANT IT? When faced with that drink, grandma’s fruitcake or the 7th serving of stuffing, the limited edition peppermint Oreos your coworkers brought in, ask yourself: “Do I actually want it?” Is tradition, obligation or laziness running the show? During this season a thousand treats and holiday traditions are shoved in our faces. Take a moment. Pause. As yourself a simple question: “Do I want it?” If the answer is no! There you go! Move along. If yes, ask a follow up question.

2. Is it worth it?

So you have determined you want something. Great! That isn’t enough for you to have it. The next question on its heels should be: “Is it worth it?” Whatever the outcome you may face for having it: the raging hangover with 3 kids needing you tomorrow? A return of a teenage breakout? Mild bloating? The dreadful feeling of punishment that you will have tomorrow to work yourself overboard at the gym? We all have reactions to the decisions we make. Some of them are fine. Some are not. We get to be the ones to decide if the result of a decision is one we are willing to take. You say, “I want it, but it’s not worth it” then move on and find something that fits both want it and worth it! You could say, “Yep, I want it! Yep, totally worth it.” Then you move onto the third component to this triad!

3. One bite rule.

You have decided YOU WANT IT (Oh heck yes, I want my moms Chex mix). IT IS WORTH IT (Sure, I’ll take the sluggish morning and annoying bloating that happens after I eat that kind of processed food). What comes next? You have one bite, one drink. Just one. And reassess. After one bite, “do I still actually want it? Did one bite satisfy? Is it really worth it?” I can’t tell you how many scones and ice cream scoops I have left behind because of this third step. Just because you have one bite doesn’t mean you have to have it all. If you still answer the questions “yep I still want it! Yep, it’s still worth it” Then commit! You are a grown up! You get to decide what you do and don’t eat! Don’t wallow in guilt and shame about what you should or shouldn’t have eaten. If you have regret after you have made your big girl decision, put that info in your toolbox for the next time you are faced with the decision. Maybe next time you will decide, “I actually don’t want it cuz I know it’s not worth it!”

4. Plan ahead.

Plan ahead.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. This is not the time of year to fly by the seat of your pants. Planning will go a long way to help you maintain your health and fitness during the season. There are many nutritional roadblocks to plan for, here are some examples:

Plan your Meals to be Balanced- What should they look like? Always be able to answer: “Where is the Protein? Where are my Veggies? Where are my Fats?”

Plan your days- Literally, plan out your days, hour by hour, starting with a Healthy balanced breakfast, your To-Do’s and your Meals! This helps tremendously, so you don’t get caught in an Emergency situation!

Plan for the occasion-

Are you heading to the mall to hammer out your holiday gifts? Don’t go empty handed, wind up starving and having to cram down Panda Express? Pack snacks! Think ahead! Know where you can find food that serves you!

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