December Female Athlete Kylah


Say Hello To Kylah, Decembers Female Athlete.  She can be found in the 6am class or in any one of our afternoon classes.  If you’re lucky, you might get to train with her on a Saturday Morning too.

November Athlete of the Month (Dudes)

Say Hello to Ryan P.  Ryan has been with us from the start and has seen tremendous gains since he started with us.  He can be found cracking jokes and busting his ass at 6am four days a week, Monday’s just haven’t seemed to agree with him.  Make sure to say Hi, the next time you see him.

November Athlete of the Month (Ladies)

November is going to be a little different for our Athlete of the Month.  This is the first month where we will be featuring TWO people for the month.  So let me introduce you to Betsy.  She can be found in our 5am class during the week and in our 8am class on Saturday.  She is a true inspiration.   When you see her, make sure to say Hi…

October’s Athlete of the Month

Spend the next few minutes and get to know one of our 5am athletes, Marlon. He can always be found with a smile on his face singing along to ALMOST every song we hear during our training session. The changes he has seen over the last 10 months have been monumental. He has come very far since he first started, and is a true inspiration.  We can’t wait to see how much more he accomplishes and I hope we’ve got the camera rolling when he gets his first muscle-up.