mobility: warm-up: 150m row 10 kipping drills 6 cartwheels wod 1: 5x 200m run 12 Pull-ups wod 2: 5x 250m row 12 hspu


mobility: warm-up: 100m run 12 sumodeadlift highpull 20 L-Sits, L-Holds wod: 3x 400m run 500m row (last done: 1.23.13.)


Mobility: WOD 12 days of XMas or as one of our 6am athletes put it… “The Nightmare Before Christmas” 1. 1 renegade man maker 2. burpee 2 plate 3. C2B pull-ups 4. oh lunges (/leg) 5. ground 2 overhead 6. lateral jumps (over & back plate) 7. db thrusters 8. Plate rotations (over&back) 9. Weighted […]


Mobility: Warm-up: 3x 200m Row 5 Shoot Thrus Ring Support 10secs Skill: Ring Dips 5×3 5x 1 min on 1min off Rower (for meters) Double Unders


mobility: warm-up: Running Drills Agility Drills 4x 400m run Core: 4x 20 weighted sit-ups (keep weight on chest for full ROM) 30 Plate Rotations 30secs L-Sit


mobility: warm-up: 2x 250m row 4 Turkish Get-ups WOD: 2x1000m row CORE: 2-4x 8 Sand Bag Get-Up 20 Weighted Sit-ups Plank Complex (30s/side)


mobility: warm-up: 3x 5 Hang Power Snatch + OH Squat 3 Broad Jumps HFS + Pigeon Endurance: Shuttle Sprints WOD 1: 21.15.9. Power Snatch 100m Sprint


mobility: warm-up: 3x Suicides mini leg blaster 15 kb swings Endurance: 100m sprints (when hand goes down start running) WOD: amrap 6mins 3 Deadlifts 7 KB Thrusters/arm


“P.S.& B.” Mobility: Warm-up: 400m run 3x Lunge Complex 200m run Endurance: 6x 100m sprints 5x 1 min on 1 min off SBGU Rower (for Meters)