Dear Vantage Family,


Eight years ago, we founded CrossFit Vantage because we had discovered a training methodology that helped anyone and everyone attain a better level of health and fitness. 

The methodology of Constantly Varied, Functional Movements at relatively High Intensity has had positive life changing effects for thousands of people. We will be forever grateful for what we have learned, the lives we have been able to impact and where it is has taken us. 


Two Years Ago, we rebranded from CrossFit Vantage to Vantage Movement because we had become more than just a CrossFit gym. We were unsure how CrossFit as a brand was still relevant to our community and our goals. We knew we wanted to be so much more for our members and their growing families. 

It has become very clear after the recent statements of CrossFit’s CEO that we can not and will no longer be associated with CrossFit, Inc. We met with our team to process all of the events that have transpired and all agreed that our course forward is to unaffiliate effectively immediately and continue our goal of improving the lives of our community as Vantage Movement. Over the next week, we will be working to remove CrossFit from our branding. 


Let us be clear, we strongly stand against racism and Stand for Unity.


Last week we took time to listen and reflect.  As we learn more we feel more prepared to act. We will be defining what we can influence and seek to do it there.


We wrote this last week prior to anything CrossFit related. 


For most of our lives, when we didn’t know what to say, it was encouraged not to say anything but instead to listen and ask questions and gather information from those who are informed. 


We’ve been doing a lot of soul searching, getting quiet and listening to our hearts. How do we respond to what is happening in our world, our country, our state? We’ve felt that nothing we could say or do would be enough, nothing would be right.  But that’s not good enough, so what we landed on is listening and taking action.


Instead of using words or social platforms we are reaffirming our commitment to being an Iron Sanctuary.  A place of safety for all who enter. Our mission has and will always be to create a safe space for all people. A space where you can come and be seen, be loved, have fun and reach for your potential. 


When we say a safe space for people, we mean ALL people. 

All colors, all ages, all tribes, ALL PEOPLE. 

With a focus on change, we want you all to know we support those who risk their lives to protect us.  On the national front and on the local front.  There are good people in this world who put themselves in danger to serve a noble purpose. They can not be forgotten in this time when the actions of evil cast a long shadow. We will forever be grateful for the good men and women who serve and their efforts. We are supporting justice. 


We know that actions speak louder than words and that true change takes time and consistent effort.  


This is not intended to be a solution nor a Band-Aid. But a Step, one tiny step in the right direction. The best thing to do is something.


Here is What we are committed to doing and invite to as well:

  • Donate: Not just once but monthly.
  • Volunteer: 
  • Sign Petitions
  • Teach our children about loving and serving ALL people. Teach them to not fear others because they are different but instead be curious and learn.   
  • Be kind and loving to ALL people. 
  • Vote.
  • Pray for Injustice to stop and love to replace it. Pray for us as a human race to  love one another despite our differences. 
  • Listen. 
  • Be curious about the work we have to do in our own hearts and take action.


There is so much work to be done in our world that it’s easy to throw your hands in the air and say “I don’t know where to start”.  Where do we start?  Within ourselves.  We must start by looking inward and seeing where we need to change. We must examine our anger, fear and prejudices. 

Do we need to change our hearts or our actions, our thoughts,our words? 

The truth is when we look closely, you can see that we are all very similar.  We are all sons and daughters, friends and colleagues.  We all feel stress and fear, we all feel joy and happiness. Our experiences are different but our emotions are the same. We must teach our children that we have more in common with each other than it appears.  


We believe that life is precious, regardless of the color of your hair, your eyes or your skin.

We are all different and we all have different experiences and those experiences shape our perspective. Commitment to progress, knowing that there will be steps back and leaps forward.We must be committed beyond a few days. We must be committed when the spotlight isn’t shining on it. When time passes and our attention shifts, we must still be committed to making this change.  


There are a lot of voices sharing at the moment and it’s our belief that now is the time to listen to those who know what they are talking about.  So as a sign of commitment to changing, we will be quiet,we will listen, learn and act so that we can be better, we can know better, we can do better . 


Chris, Amanda and the Vantage Team



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