Keystone Habits

A couple of weeks ago week we talked about rocks, you know like priorities! Your priorities or the things you say you prioritize should go in first- they should get the majority of your energy, time and money- aka your resources! 


This week we are talking about something very similar to your Keystone Habits- you may have heard this phrase before and i’m sure you’ve heard people say things like change your habits, change your life! They might be onto something however like most things, it can be easier said than done. So, let me see if I can help.


First, Let’s define what a Keystone Habit is, how do we know it when we see it, how do we identify them. We must do this before we can change them.


I think the easiest way to identify your Keystone habits is this;

What is the thing that if you don’t do it, your whole week or day feels off, you feel more stressed?


A couple of weeks ago, I noticed I was feeling like the walls were closing in, I felt overwhelmed, I was snappy and impatient. I thought maybe… i’m just tired or stressed. Of course I am i’m a mom but that wasn’t it, I noticed that we had not started the week with a clean house, empty sink and full fridge. And because we didn’t, I felt like all week we were playing catch up, it felt like we couldn’t get ahead of the dishes, we were scrambling for dinner, going to the groceries everyday, and I was at my wits end. I was not my best self.


Have you ever been there?

So, I paused. I asked some questions.

What am I feeling? Why and I feeling it? What happened or didnt happen to get me here? 


 I identified that starting the week with an organized, clean house and full fridge is one cornerstone habit for me. Having order and a meal plan and the food to acoompany has a positive ripple effect to the rest of my week. It makes me feel like I have more to give, more energy, more capacity for the things that really matter to me.


I notice when my husband is short, and impatient i know he hasn’t been working out. Yeah, I get that way too. Ding ding, another cornerstone habit. 


Exercise is a big one. Many scientists use this one because it’s effects are big. Exercise has been shown to create positive ripple effects in people lifes, beyond good health, and being happier (Which is enough on it’s own) those who exercise tend to eat healthier, drink less, have increased productivity at work, they tend to have more confidence and better relationships.


Other keystone habits could include, making your bed in the morning, waking up early, meditating, going for daily walks outside. 


What are some of your Keystone habits??

Take a quick moment to think? 

What habits to i do that make a big impact in other areas of my life? How can i make sure i’m doing these consistantly.


Write down 1-4 of them. Make sure they are in your calendar, make sure they get on the list. Because when they do they will make the rest of life just a little easier. And let’s face it, we can all use a little ease these days. 

Next Monday we will talk about how to start and keep habits! 


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