mobility: warm-up: A. 3x Suicide Runs Pull-up Variations B. Skill: Kipping Pull-ups wod: 4x 28 kb swing 7 pull-ups 100m run 28 weighted sit-ups


mobility: warm-up: WOD 1: Cortnae’s Birthday Head Rush 6x 1min each Handstand Hold Deadlifts WOD 2: CrossFit Vantage One Year Anniversary 12 min amrap 100m sandbag run 3 sandbag get-ups/side 6 hand release push-ups 5 Chin ups


mobility: warm-up: 3x 150m row 10 kips pull-up progression 3 power clean & jerk wod: Alex’s Birthday WOD Buy In/Cash Out: 30 cals on rower 5x 13 burpees 6 power cleans 13 pull-ups Happy Birthday Alex. We’ve had a lot of Birthday’s to Celebrate over the last few months and all of the celebrating we […]


mobility: warm-up: Turkish Get-ups KB Press sandbag shoulder skill: Muscle-up wod: zac’s birthday wod Buy In: 26 burpees 6x 4 ring dips 9 sbgu Cash Out: 26 burpees Happy Birthday Zac!!!


mobility: warm-up: A. 30:30:30 Double Unders KB Swings Rest B. Build up bar to working weight WOD: Lance’s Birthday Bash 5x 3 Deadlifts (HEAVY) 5 Burpees 38 Double Unders


warm-up: 4x 7 Deadlifts 5 Power Cleans 3 Front Squats 4/8 Handstand Push-ups Strength: Power Clean + Pushpress 5×1 wod: “Anabeth’s Celebration” 3x 2 snatches 31 lateral hops 17 HSPU


mobility: warm-up: 3x 10 ring rows (false grip) kb complex 20 mb pullovers wod: Perto’s Birthday Chipper 38 wallball shots 38 kb swings 38 burpees 38 pull-ups 38 kb thrusters floater: 38 cals on rower Outstanding work today everyone.


Mobility: Warm-up: 10 kips 5 Power Cleans WOD: “Rory’s Choice” 3x 11 Power Cleans 11 Box Jumps “Christopher’s Wish” 5x 7 Renegade Rows 10 Toes 2 Bar

11-5-12 “Steve’s 29th Birthday Extravaganza”

mobility: Warm-up: Partner Warm-up 11:04 Box Jumps 29 Cals on Rower or Airdyne WOD: “Steve’s 29th Birthday Extravaganza” 4x 7 SBGU 7 RMM (push-up/row/row/clean/press/lunge/lunge) then 1x 200m run 1 SBGU 1 RMM It’s always great to celebrate an Athlete’s Birthday especially when you’ve got a WOD like this one.  Happy Birthday Steve.