Mobility: Warm-up: 250m row 6 cartwheels 10 Step-ups Endurance: 1x800m row WOD: “…a lot” 4x 12 burpees 20 goblet squat

What We All Need More Of

What do you envision when I use the word stamina?  Are you thinking about the ability to keep going for an extended period of time?  With the race season being well underway and the second leg of the triple crown last weekend we’re gonna chat about stamina.   Stamina has a lot to do with your body’s […]

A Mouth Full of Oxygen

5-11-12 WOD Warm-up Strength: OH Squat 5x 400m run 12 Pushpresses 15 Box Jumps It’s spring time and except for a few days recently it’s been a great time to be outside exercising. For a lot of you this means going for a run. Some of you are training for a race, others just […]