mobility: warm-up: 3x 150m row 10 kips pull-up progression 3 power clean & jerk wod: Alex’s Birthday WOD Buy In/Cash Out: 30 cals on rower 5x 13 burpees 6 power cleans 13 pull-ups Happy Birthday Alex. We’ve had a lot of Birthday’s to Celebrate over the last few months and all of the celebrating we […]


mobility: warm-up: A.3x 250m row 4/8 HSPU 4/8 Pistols B. Build Bar/Technique wod: 5x 60 secs each Thrusters rest Rower rest


mobility: warm-up: bulgarian split squats chin-ups rower strength: back squat 5×1 wod: AMRAP 10mins 3 c2b Pull Ups 12 Back Squats 290m row


mobility: warm-up: 2-3x 250m row 20 Parallete lateral hops 10 Ring Push-ups wod: tabata rower box jumps sumo deadlift highpull L-Hold (chinup pos) burpee?


mobility: warm-up: 3x 150m row 6 turkish get-ups 10 wallball shots wod 1: amrap 9mins 9 pull-ups 21 Thrusters wod 2: amrap 9 mins 10 sandbag get-ups 150m row


mobility: warm-up: 3x 10 ring rows (false grip) kb complex 20 mb pullovers wod: Perto’s Birthday Chipper 38 wallball shots 38 kb swings 38 burpees 38 pull-ups 38 kb thrusters floater: 38 cals on rower Outstanding work today everyone.


mobility: Warm-up: 3x 10 cals on rower 7 squat therapy 4 shoot thrus WOD: “tabata hangover” Rower (for cals) Push-ups Air Squats L-Sit


mobility: warm-up: 4x 3 pull-ups 5 squat therapy 12 mb pull-overs 150m row WOD: Today’s WOD involves the Rower Lunges Handrelease Push-ups and some core work.


Mobility: Warm-up: 2x row 100m then do 3 hard pulls 10 walkout push-ups 20 lunges (total) WOD: 3x Partner 1: Rower for cals Partner 2: 1x 3 Wall Climb 11 KB SDLHP 16 Step-ups


Mobility: warm-up: 4x 20 secs L-Sit 4 shoot thru 8 ring rows 12 OverHead Squats Build up to working weight for power clean(70% of 1rm) wod 1: Hang Power Clean Split Jumps (per leg) wod 2: 5x 10 cals on rower 10 db pushpresses