mobility: Warm-up: 3x Jump Rope 10 Kipping Drills 6 Pull-ups (chin/strict/tarzan) WOD amrap 12 mins 9 Pull-ups 10 deadlifts 6 Sandbag Get-ups


mobility: warm-up: 2x 250m row 4 Turkish Get-ups WOD: 2x1000m row CORE: 2-4x 8 Sand Bag Get-Up 20 Weighted Sit-ups Plank Complex (30s/side)


mobility: warm-up: 3x 6 turkish get-ups 6 kb pushpresses 4x 5 squat jumps 5 hang power cleans Strength: Power Clean + Pushpress 5×1 WOD: 6x 5 Power Clean + Pushjerk 4 Sandbag Get-ups All of us at CrossFit Vantage would like to thank not only our members who serve in the Armed Forces, but all […]


Mobility: Warm-up: 5x 6 Hollow Body Sit-ups 8 SB Shoulder 6 Straight Leg Raises 8 Ring Rows Skill: Kipping Toes 2 Bar Pull-ups WOD: 5x 8 SBGU 10 Pull-ups 10 Renegade Rows 8 Toes 2 Bar


mobility: warm-up: 2x Pass Thrus Round the Worlds 3x press-pushpress-pushjerk 30 secs Handstand Hold Pigeon stretch Strength: 5×1 Strict Press WOD: “Breakdancing” HSPU Sandbag Get-ups


Mobility: Warm-up: 3x 10 sandbag shouldering 10 sandbag lunge 5 shoot thrus 20 seated plate rotations Friday Challenge: As Many Unbroken Reps As Possible Wallball (M:14-20 W:8-12) WOD: “Doogie” amrap 930mins 5 Sandbag Get-ups 7 Step-ups/leg then 5x 12 hand release Push-ups 12 Front Squats@ 75#

WOD Video

A little video from late August. Take a few minutes to watch yourself and your teammates Push Your Limits