Winter, COVID, Levels and all you need to know

Hello Vantage Family! 

Well given the snow day this week, I guess winter is here! 

We know this year has been difficult and your dedication to your fitness and health are an inspiration. We want to say thank you for all your continued support. With the changing of seasons, some of you might have questions about what this winter might look like training at Vantage. We know our best offense against COVID and sickness is a good defense- quality movement, sleep and nutrition! 

So, we wanted to send out the answers to some questions you might have:

What if it’s too cold?

As it gets colder we will move all training inside. When it’s warm enough we will open the garage door and or the side/front door to allow for ventilation. The good news is we have a HVAC system that filters the air so we will still have plenty of ventilation. 


We will be wearing masks indoors as long as the state mandates it. We highly recommend the neoprene masks as they are very breathable. We ordered 20 more, so be on the lookout for those! We know this is not ideal but the truth is if we want to workout this is what’s required for now. We have and we can do this!

Mask Etiquette:

You can pull your mask down as needed to catch your breath, proper etiquette here would be to turn away from your fellow athletes. And remember your mask should cover both your mouth and nose. 

Winter Gear: As we are still navigating grouping together in close spaces, we recommend bringing a gym bag with you for your winter gear and gym necessities. Please continue to keep it with you in your workout space with you. 

Snow Boots:  On the snowier days we ask that you leave your snow boots near the front door.  We will allow extra time at the end of class to try and ensure enough space and time to transition between classes. 

Entering and Exiting Building: On the warmer, dryer days, we will continue our in the front door out the side door flow.  On the colder snowier days we ask that you stay in the front room as you prep for class and keep warm and allow the previous class to exit.  We will adjust the lengths of class to help facilitate the class transitions if needed.


We will continue our intensive cleaning practices, mopping, spraying all equipment and high touch surfaces with multiple deep cleans throughout the week. Thank you all for helping us keep the gym clean! We will continue to keep spray bottles and sterile wipes throughout the gym to help ease the cleaning process for all of us. 

Class Sizes: For now we will continue to allow up to 16 people in a class although that class size is rare. 16 people allows each person to have their own box with more than enough distance between. We will utilized both the front and back rooms to accommodate class sizes as well. 

Building Capacity: Currently we are allowed to have up to 25 people in the gym based on 25% capacity  for our building.

Open gym/Accessory work: We do ask as more of our classes move inside that if you are doing any extra work or your own programming that you are more conscious of space and equipment.  We ask that open gym is done during open gym time only (Mon, Wed, Fri from 1-3pm) so that we can accommodate classes, personal training and programs during the other times. 

What will a Level 3 mean for us:

The good new is, Vantage resides in Jefferson County which is still currently as a level 2. With Denver moving to a level 3, it could mean the same for Jeffco soon. However, the restrictions for gyms will not change as of last night restritcion adjustment from the Colorado Public Health Department. Jefferson County in the past has followed Denver’s lead and we feel confident they will on this as well.

Again, we can not thank you enough for your continued support this year and in the coming months. It’s been a roller coaster for us like as it has for so many of you! We are thankful to be able to continue to serve you and provide a safe, clean and happy space for you! 

Chris & Amanda


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