5 Stress Busting Tips- Comin’ at ya!

StressFul Year anyone one? Here are 5 Stress busting tips


What a long year this month has been- hah! One of my favorite memes of the year. Yeah, this year has been one for the history books, quite literally. Many folks are feeling the stress on all fronts. Unfortunately stress can have huge negative impacts on our health and our fitness goals. We can dive into that in another post but for today, I wanted to give you some tips on how to reduce your stress. 


But first a very quick synopsis on stress. A Stress response is a protective mechanism of the body, its built in our brains so that we know how to survive. I know you’ve hear of fight or flight, thats a very short explanation of what stress is in our bodies. And while our bodies are amazing creations, it unfortunately is wired to find stress and in todays world its finding it everywhere. So, how do we stop looking for the bear in the woods?


Here are a few ways;


  1. Wake up before your phone- Try to go 30 minutes without picking up your phone in the morning. Have a morning routine, wake up, have some coffee or tea, do a gratitude journal. Do anything but check your phone or your email or the news. Think of it like this, If you had a box of snakes in your house  and the first thing you do every morning is go open the box of snakes. Sounds crazy right. It’s the same idea, everytime you go check your phone it  creates a similar  stress response  in your body. Would you do it? Would you look at the box of snakes every morning…Umm heck no.
  2. Create set times to check your em- I know you’ve heard this a hundred times but it works. Besides, when did becoming a mail sorter seem like a fun job. Pick a couple or a few if you must, set a timer and then turn it off. Like my mentor says the more email you do, the more email you do.
  3. Turn off notifications- think of it like this, You’re alone in the woods, and every 5 minutes a wolf pokes its head out of the woods, your brain says omg, there’s a wolf. This is what happens every time your phone dings at you. 
  4. Schedule quiet time in your day. Even if it’s for two minutes. Just find some time to take 10 deep breathes and try to quiet your mind. Sometimes your mind moves so much and so fast that it makes your body tired. If you can give it just a little rest you’ll be more equipped to handle anything that comes your way. Set a timer and do it. I dare ya.
  5. Create a unwinding bedtime routine. Just like we do for our kids, where we take a bath, read a book. Create something for yourself that helps you unwind. Preferable without a screen as our bodies seem to see the screens as a stressor. Have some tea, read a book, meditate. Just spend 30 minutes unwinding before bed. You will sleep better I promise. 

Try one for one Month- I dare ya??? What do you have to loose!


If you need some accountability – We can help. Schedule a Athlete Check in here with me today and we can lay out a path!



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