Athlete of the MonthMarch

Katie Chu

Our theme for this month is "Spirit of the Open" and we thought who better to highlight than our intramural team captains!

Tell us a little about yourself?

I grew up in Minnesota and moved to Denver to attend school at Regis University. I graduated in 2013, worked at a few different companies but have been at Lyft for the last 4 years. I work as an Operations Specialist on the Bikes and Scooters team so everyone should go out and take some scooter rides!

 How and when did you get started with CrossFit? 

I started CrossFit in the Spring of 2013 after all my friends moved away. I didn’t want to move back to Minnesota, I had no friends, and I was pretty out of shape after college ended. CrossFit gave me new friends and helped me turn all those pizza and keg stand pounds into muscle!

What recreational activities/hobbies to you do/have?

I love to travel and eat! I’ve been to 27 different countries and 38 of the states, mostly for the food but experiencing different cultures as well. I also enjoy trying out other types of exercise and forcing Xavier to try them with me. So far the only one we enjoy together besides Vantage, is Cyclebar. I’m also a huge book nerd so if you’ve read anything good lately let me know!

 What is your favorite cheat meal?

There’s always room for ice cream…

 What is your favorite thing about the CrossFit OPEN?

My favorite thing about CrossFit is that it never gets easy.

What kind of positive affect has CrossFit had on you and your life?

It has led my transition of living with T1D (Type 1 Diabetes) so much easier. I’m never getting a functioning pancreas back BUT CrossFit, along with Kellen, have shown me how nutrition and exercise can help me stay within a “normal” blood glucose range which has led me to taking smaller doses of insulin at mealtime :) I’m forever grateful to have an community of people who support and uplift me when I need it the most.

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