Mindset, Mindfulness.. What’s the difference?

 Mindset, mindfulness, what’s the difference? And why do I care? We hear these terms thrown around alot but what are we talking about and why does it matter and why does my Coach or gym care? Ok, let me ask you this.. Do you have 15 tabs open on your computer? Ever go to write […]

Dear Future Me..

I love the beginning, the beginning of the year, the month the week? It often feels like a fresh start- some kind of made up blank canvas for us right?    You know- we say things like, i’ll start on Monday, or at the first of the month or my favorite on New Years day. […]

The Planning Habit

Planning and Habits- a perfect marriage…   Do you plan out your days? Weeks? Training Sessions, Meals? Or do just the thought  those questions stress you out?? Ok I have to admit I am a planner, like maybe a little too much sometimes I feel lost without a plan. And sometimes I also hate always […]

Do you ever get Cramps- Read this..

Running WODs giving you muscle cramps? Or finding yourself waking up in the middle of the night due to calf cramps?⁠ ⁠ These type of muscle cramps have a few things in common that your diet can help resolve:⁠ Hydration status⁠ Mineral balance: calcium, magnesium, and potassium⁠ ⁠ Calcium and magnesium are responsible for the […]

How to Change your Habit- By James Clear

Are you ready to change- This article is an excerpt from Atomic Habits, my New York Times bestselling book. Your life today is essentially the sum of your habits. How in shape or out of shape you are? A result of your habits. How happy or unhappy you are? A result of your habits. How […]

When the bones are good- the rest don’t matter

Have you heard that country song- “when the bones are good, the rest don’t matter! ” – by Marren Morris? Ugh- i love that song. Ok maybe your not a country music fan like myself so we’ll give some more examples; Have you ever gone house hunting, I remember house hunting for our current home, […]

5 Tips to Stay healthy on Vacay!

   5 Simple TRAVEL TIPS for Staying healthy. Travel can make healthy eatingifficult but not impossible with proper planning and discipline! Long flight, or drive, limited choices, being tired and mostly likely not to have much in your control. So, when are can’t control we can prepare and respond accordingly! Our will power could get […]


Keystone Habits A couple of weeks ago week we talked about rocks, you know like priorities! Your priorities or the things you say you prioritize should go in first- they should get the majority of your energy, time and money- aka your resources!    This week we are talking about something very similar to your […]

5 Stress Busting Tips- Comin’ at ya!

StressFul Year anyone one? Here are 5 Stress busting tips   What a long year this month has been- hah! One of my favorite memes of the year. Yeah, this year has been one for the history books, quite literally. Many folks are feeling the stress on all fronts. Unfortunately stress can have huge negative […]

What’s the Hardest thing about Getting Fit??? READ ON

What’s the Hardest thing about Getting Fit? Keep reading…   I remember as a kid when I dreaded doing something like chores or homework, or starting something new or something that felt big or hard, my mom would look at me with enthusiasm and say “Ain’t no hill for a stepper”. I’m pretty sure i’ve […]