5 Stress Busting Tips- Comin’ at ya!

StressFul Year anyone one? Here are 5 Stress busting tips


What a long year this month has been- hah! One of my favorite memes of the year. Yeah, this year has been one for the history books, quite literally. Many folks are feeling the stress on all fronts. Unfortunately stress can have huge negative impacts on our health and our fitness goals. We can dive into that in another post but for today, I wanted to give you some tips on how to reduce your stress. 


But first a very quick synopsis on stress. A Stress response is a protective mechanism of the body, its built in our brains so that we know how to survive. I know you’ve hear of fight or flight, thats a very short explanation of what stress is in our bodies. And while our bodies are amazing creations, it unfortunately is wired to find stress and in todays world its finding it everywhere. So, how do we stop looking for the bear in the woods?


Here are a few ways;


  1. Wake up before your phone- Try to go 30 minutes without picking up your phone in the morning. Have a morning routine, wake up, have some coffee or tea, do a gratitude journal. Do anything but check your phone or your email or the news. Think of it like this, If you had a box of snakes in your house  and the first thing you do every morning is go open the box of snakes. Sounds crazy right. It’s the same idea, everytime you go check your phone it  creates a similar  stress response  in your body. Would you do it? Would you look at the box of snakes every morning…Umm heck no.
  2. Create set times to check your em- I know you’ve heard this a hundred times but it works. Besides, when did becoming a mail sorter seem like a fun job. Pick a couple or a few if you must, set a timer and then turn it off. Like my mentor says the more email you do, the more email you do.
  3. Turn off notifications- think of it like this, You’re alone in the woods, and every 5 minutes a wolf pokes its head out of the woods, your brain says omg, there’s a wolf. This is what happens every time your phone dings at you. 
  4. Schedule quiet time in your day. Even if it’s for two minutes. Just find some time to take 10 deep breathes and try to quiet your mind. Sometimes your mind moves so much and so fast that it makes your body tired. If you can give it just a little rest you’ll be more equipped to handle anything that comes your way. Set a timer and do it. I dare ya.
  5. Create a unwinding bedtime routine. Just like we do for our kids, where we take a bath, read a book. Create something for yourself that helps you unwind. Preferable without a screen as our bodies seem to see the screens as a stressor. Have some tea, read a book, meditate. Just spend 30 minutes unwinding before bed. You will sleep better I promise. 

Try one for one Month- I dare ya??? What do you have to loose!


If you need some accountability – We can help. Schedule a Athlete Check in here with me today and we can lay out a path!



What’s the Hardest thing about Getting Fit??? READ ON

What’s the Hardest thing about Getting Fit? Keep reading…


I remember as a kid when I dreaded doing something like chores or homework, or starting something new or something that felt big or hard, my mom would look at me with enthusiasm and say “Ain’t no hill for a stepper”. I’m pretty sure i’ve heard that a hundred times, I think i still roll my eyes and I’m 36. But it turns out like most moms, she was always right.


I’m sure you can remember your parents having some saying like that as a kid or maybe now you have one of your own that you say. 


I know for some starting a new fitness routine or re-starting an old one can seem insurmountable at first. It may come with feelings of anxiety, it might come with insecurities or fears of what ifs. What if i’m terrible at it? What if I embarrass myself? What if___fill in the blank.


You might struggle with comparisons of the “glory” days when you were fit or comparison of others in the gym. 


Maybe you used to workout but lost your way. Maybe you fell off track because you lost motivation or you got bored. You had a couple of kids and life just got full and you just didn’t know where to start? 


Have you ever felt like you don’t know where to start? Or How to start?


 INSERT (hand raise emoji) 


You’re not alone. Trust me. 

What I know after many years (like 15) in the fitness industry the hardest part about getting fit is taking the first step and then keep steppin. One foot after the next. 


It’s like another saying that’s kind of weird, How do you eat an elephant? Yep, one bite at a time. 


Or maybe the mountain metaphor strikes you-Starting a fitness routine is  just like when you go to climb a literal mountain, you just find the path and keep walking, sometimes you’ll get off the path and you get to choose to get back on, sometimes each day or Monday can feel like the first step, the first day. That’s ok, the important thing is to just keep stepping.


Are you ready to take the first step? We make it very easy, just come schedule a no sweat intro, we can talk about all those ‘What ifs’ and maybes. We can set a clear path and all the steps after that. 


Schedule a No Sweat Here, in person or Virtual. I can’t wait to meet you!


How to Get Motivated

How to get motivated:

Pro-level athletes are not more motivated than you are.

Olympic athletes don’t just “want it more”.

The best CrossFitter in your gym has the same struggles with motivation that you do.

The difference? They know how to get motivated (and what to do when they don’t feel motivated at all.)


Ask anyone at the highest levels of fitness: sometimes they don’t feel like working out. And those folks with ripped abs? They want a slice of cake.


So why do they work out anyway? Why do they stick to their meal plan when things get tough?


Here’s how to do it – and the great news is that you can use the SAME strategy they do.


  1. Get a coach. You need to be accountable to an objective third party. Your wife will let you off the hook. Your coworkers don’t actually want you to succeed. And your friends don’t want you to change at all.
    You need someone to:
    Remove the guesswork
    Get you results FAST (you’ll see why in the next step)
    Hold you accountable. You can “ghost” someone over text, but you can’t miss appointments.
    Provide a “pain” for failure. That means you have to pay for coaching. If you don’t, there’s no real penalty for failure…and you’ll backslide.
  2. Get a really fast result. Our brains are wired to reward quick wins and novelty. If we don’t see results quickly, we lose motivation.
    It’s key for someone to say “You did really well at X”. Apps like Strava and Garmin Connect are great at giving you little rewards when you accomplish something for the first time. But a coach will take care of this for you, too.
  3. Set up a short-term “challenge” for yourself…but have a plan for after the challenge ends.
    A six-week sprint is great for motivating yourself. But most people drop off the edge when it ends, and many actually wind up worse than ever. In my experience, people who do short-term diets (like intermittent fasting or “Keto” diets) usually gain back the weight they lost and far more. The unsustainable nature of the diet, plus the long-term damage to their metabolism, actually leaves them less healthy.
    You can do these things, don’t get me wrong. Get the surgery if that’s what it takes. But have the second step all lined up and ready to go before you take the first.
    Again, a coach can build this plan for you.
  4. It will eventually just become a habit. It won’t always be hard to go to the gym, or shop for groceries, or prep your meals. It WILL get easier, but only if you keep the habit going. Usually it takes around 90 days for our behaviors to become habits; and then for a few more months for our habits to become “just what we do.”
  5. Track everything.
    Track your workouts.
    Note your personal bests.
    Track your food intake.
    Note your wins.
    Track your sleep.
    Note how they all tie together.
    If I sleep less, I want more caffeine. When I drink more caffeine, I want more sugar. When I eat more sugar, I lose motivation to work out. When I don’t work out, I get more stressed. And when I get more stressed, I sleep less.
    Then I get dumber, fatter and sad.
    (That’s just me…but I know some of you can relate.)
  6. Use your tools to plan.
    For example, instead of just putting today’s food in MyFitnessPal before bed, enter all of your meals in MyFitnessPal in advance. Then add or subtract carbs, fats and protein to make your macros, and voila – you have a food plan for the next day!
    Trust me: it’s far better than cramming dry Rice Krispies into your mouth at 8pm because you’re not hitting your carb goals. Uh, at least that’s what my friend tells me…
  7. Check your progress.
    Look, you’re not going to have a personal best on every workout. But that matters zero percent. What really matters is consistency. People who show up every day, even if they put out 50% of their best effort, get better results than people who crush it once a week.
    The people who “sprint and crash” usually get amazing results, and then they get fat again. Or they get strong, and then they get injured. The people who just show up for their appointments get strong, lean and happy for life.

I want you to know this: on the days when you feel the LEAST motivation are the days you’ll get the BEST results.


Method in the Madness

Method In the Madness:

I was having coffee with a friend last Wednesday. Well, we weren’t drinking coffee together, it was a Zoom call and we were both drinking coffee, but he was on his balcony and I was in my garage.  As the conversation weaved in and around, we started talking about the recent events surrounding our affiliation.  We talked about the comments, our decision, and what we were going to do next. I was able to distill what it was that drew us to our affiliation in the first place.  The methodology.  What is it about the suffix, -ology that just makes things seem cool and smart?

Throughout all the controversy the affiliation has had over the years, the one thing that has been our anchor was the method to helping our members achieve their desired results.  The journal articles we read 14 years ago gave us an incredibly strong foundation to build upon. From there we’ve continued to add on to that foundation, building and refining, building and refining.

 As your worlds changed, the method remained.  As calmness and chaos ebbed and flowed in your life, the method was consistent.

We’ve been cultivating our brand of fitness since the early days of 1on1 personal training.  We’ve played with variety in movements and time domains, sets, reps and tempos.  We’ve prescribed intensity from long and low to short and high and everything in between.

With all the work we’ve put in and all the work you’ve put in, we have confirmed that increasing your capacity both physically and mentally will bring you closer to the results you not only talk about, but think about and aren’t quite comfortable speaking just yet.

Being physically prepared for all the adventures life might present you adds a level of confidence and comfort.  From short distances and long distances, to high skilled tasks and grunt work, you want to be ready for it all.   It’s basically health insurance.  You don’t know when you’re going to need it, or how much, but you know it’s better to have as much coverage as you can.

With a new opportunity to define what we do in class, we will be changing the name of our Group Training program to Vantage Capacity.

We will be focusing more on increasing your capacity to handle things both physically, mentally and believe it or not, emotionally.  The workouts will look the same, we will be challenging you with barbells and dumbbells, kettlebells and your body.  We’ll be rowing and running, jumping and riding. The class structure will feel the same, we’ll be mobilizing and activating, working on skills, strength and endurance and finishing with a workout that ties it all together.  What will change is the intention we all bring to class. Your focus and ours will be clear, Increase Your Capacity!

How to Stay Hydrated..



What’s all the hype about water? 

Studies suggest that dehydration is the #1 cause of daytime fatigue. Dehydration is also linked to headaches, grumpiness, loss of focus, bad breath, dry skin and muscle cramps and can affect your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep and much much more. In fact, experts say that a loss of as little as 2% of body fluid can cause a decline in mental functions and an estimated 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. So, basically most of us could feel so much better if we just drank some more water! It almost sounds like a cure for the american state. 


How to know if you are dehydrated: 


  • This one is obvious but THIRST- by the time your thirsty you might already be a little dehydrated. 
  • The Color of your pee- see a chart here:
  • Sunken eyes
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Excessive sweating
  • Decrease urine elimination










Ok, so that’s the bad stuff! But what are the benefits of staying Hydrated:

The benefits of drinking water are many: 

  • It’s vital for almost every function in the body
  • It helps you loose weight
  • It keeps your skin healthier
  • Improves physcial and Mental performance
  • Boosts your mood (we could all use this)
  • Prevents headaches
  • Prevents against disease
  •  Water acts as a building block for muscles 
  • A solvent for chemical reactions
  •  transport material for nutrients and waste. 
  • Water also helps maintain blood volume and allows proper circulation, helps regulate our body temperature.

How much water should i drink in a day? A good estimate is ⅔ your body weight in ounces of water. 


 Tips and Trick to staying hydrated:

  • Set a daily water goal
  • Don’t leave home without your water bottle!
  • Set reminders on your phone
  • Infuse it with your favorite fruit, lime, lemon, etc.
  • Opt for water
  • Increase your vegetables and fruits (they have in them too)
  • Minimize your Caffeine and Alcohol intake
  • Don’t wait until your thirsty
  • Try drinking coconut water or adding Electrolyte Tablets like NUUN to your water!


Now you know the reasons why – what will you do? In order to gain an extra bonus point- email us back with your daily water goal and two action steps you will take to meet it! Cheers!


Is Fitness a Priority now..

We did it, we’ve come out of an almost nationwide quarantine, survived the 1st wave of a global pandemic and many of us have come out learning a few things – like whats truly important to us. 


I heard many people sharing this- that they are ready to make a change in their lives- to get their priorities in line. 


Many folks realized that they are ready to put their family and their health first or some realized how grateful they are for their health and are more dedicated than ever to training. 


No matter which camp you might be in- you might have come up from the dust needing some help. Realized that left to your own devices you might just head back to the fridge or the cookie cupboard. It’s ok – this stuff is hard to go alone- being the sole person to be accountable to- the sole person for motivation. Most people need help – most people need external accountability and motivation-  you are not alone.

 You need a Coach.

You need more than just a workout to follow- you need someone on the other end to help keep you accountable, keep you moving safely, keep you motivated to keep going when you don’t want to. 

When you walk into Vantage Movement, we start with a conversation. We learn about you. What are your goals? What is your past fitness experience? What is working for you with your nutrition, and what do you need help with?


There is no one size fits all approach. It does not exist.


Every person who walks through our doors for the first time has a coach to help guide them to the right path. And every time you walk into the gym thereafter there will be a coach to guide you through your workout or nutrition coaching.


Is personal training the best option to reach your goals? A coach will help you decide.


Are group classes the right fit? A coach will help you determine that.


Do you need nutrition coaching? A coach will help you figure that out.


If your a current member- you already know this but you might need to get refocused on your goals and get some additional accountability- we’re here for that. Schedule a goal setting session here.


Interested in talking to a Coach – Schedule here.



Dear Vantage Family,


Eight years ago, we founded CrossFit Vantage because we had discovered a training methodology that helped anyone and everyone attain a better level of health and fitness. 

The methodology of Constantly Varied, Functional Movements at relatively High Intensity has had positive life changing effects for thousands of people. We will be forever grateful for what we have learned, the lives we have been able to impact and where it is has taken us. 


Two Years Ago, we rebranded from CrossFit Vantage to Vantage Movement because we had become more than just a CrossFit gym. We were unsure how CrossFit as a brand was still relevant to our community and our goals. We knew we wanted to be so much more for our members and their growing families. 

It has become very clear after the recent statements of CrossFit’s CEO that we can not and will no longer be associated with CrossFit, Inc. We met with our team to process all of the events that have transpired and all agreed that our course forward is to unaffiliate effectively immediately and continue our goal of improving the lives of our community as Vantage Movement. Over the next week, we will be working to remove CrossFit from our branding. 


Let us be clear, we strongly stand against racism and Stand for Unity.


Last week we took time to listen and reflect.  As we learn more we feel more prepared to act. We will be defining what we can influence and seek to do it there.


We wrote this last week prior to anything CrossFit related. 


For most of our lives, when we didn’t know what to say, it was encouraged not to say anything but instead to listen and ask questions and gather information from those who are informed. 


We’ve been doing a lot of soul searching, getting quiet and listening to our hearts. How do we respond to what is happening in our world, our country, our state? We’ve felt that nothing we could say or do would be enough, nothing would be right.  But that’s not good enough, so what we landed on is listening and taking action.


Instead of using words or social platforms we are reaffirming our commitment to being an Iron Sanctuary.  A place of safety for all who enter. Our mission has and will always be to create a safe space for all people. A space where you can come and be seen, be loved, have fun and reach for your potential. 


When we say a safe space for people, we mean ALL people. 

All colors, all ages, all tribes, ALL PEOPLE. 

With a focus on change, we want you all to know we support those who risk their lives to protect us.  On the national front and on the local front.  There are good people in this world who put themselves in danger to serve a noble purpose. They can not be forgotten in this time when the actions of evil cast a long shadow. We will forever be grateful for the good men and women who serve and their efforts. We are supporting justice. 


We know that actions speak louder than words and that true change takes time and consistent effort.  


This is not intended to be a solution nor a Band-Aid. But a Step, one tiny step in the right direction. The best thing to do is something.


Here is What we are committed to doing and invite to as well:

  • Donate: Not just once but monthly.
  • Volunteer: 
  • Sign Petitions
  • Teach our children about loving and serving ALL people. Teach them to not fear others because they are different but instead be curious and learn.   
  • Be kind and loving to ALL people. 
  • Vote.
  • Pray for Injustice to stop and love to replace it. Pray for us as a human race to  love one another despite our differences. 
  • Listen. 
  • Be curious about the work we have to do in our own hearts and take action.


There is so much work to be done in our world that it’s easy to throw your hands in the air and say “I don’t know where to start”.  Where do we start?  Within ourselves.  We must start by looking inward and seeing where we need to change. We must examine our anger, fear and prejudices. 

Do we need to change our hearts or our actions, our thoughts,our words? 

The truth is when we look closely, you can see that we are all very similar.  We are all sons and daughters, friends and colleagues.  We all feel stress and fear, we all feel joy and happiness. Our experiences are different but our emotions are the same. We must teach our children that we have more in common with each other than it appears.  


We believe that life is precious, regardless of the color of your hair, your eyes or your skin.

We are all different and we all have different experiences and those experiences shape our perspective. Commitment to progress, knowing that there will be steps back and leaps forward.We must be committed beyond a few days. We must be committed when the spotlight isn’t shining on it. When time passes and our attention shifts, we must still be committed to making this change.  


There are a lot of voices sharing at the moment and it’s our belief that now is the time to listen to those who know what they are talking about.  So as a sign of commitment to changing, we will be quiet,we will listen, learn and act so that we can be better, we can know better, we can do better . 


Chris, Amanda and the Vantage Team


Crazy 8!



Wow, we can even believe it’s been 8 years! We thought it would be a good time to share our story, how Vantage got started, why we got started, the mission and the vision for us going forward. We hope you’ll take a quick trip with us down memory lane.  


We aren’t usually great at stopping to celebrate ourselves (although we encourage all of you too) so we thought we would take a moment to do that, reflect on the past, celebrate how we got here and dream of the future.


Many many moons ago (like 14th years) Chris and I were both working as personal training at the Downtown Colorado Athletic club when we were introduced to this crazy new fitness method called CrossFit. At first like many of you, we were skeptical but crazy enough to try it. So we experimented on ourselves first like any good trainer and couldn’t believe how effective it was! 


Then we began using it with our clients and getting in trouble  for doing CrossFit like things in a globo gym : ). All the while our passion for CrossFit was blooming so were our dreams of opening a fitness studio one day. 


We were just young personal trainers with huge hearts,  passion and the purist dream of wanting to help more people than we knew we could with one on one personal training the red tape of a corporate gym.


Fast forward through a love story, a new baby and a couple of cross country moves and a wedding and we landed back in Denver both working at corporate gyms again but the dream  still burning inside, so like all small business owners we got brave enough to take the first leap!


I quit my job, landed a loan and a lease and CrossFit Vantage began on 38th and King in a small 1200 square foot space! 

The first year (2012) as i remember was hard but so fun, Chris and I  coached most of the classes, answered all the emails, cleaned the toilets and started helping as many people as we could!  We grew rapidly that first year from 0 to over a 100 members and an amazing community of people started becoming like family! We are proud to say some of those very first members are still here today and we could not be more grateful!


Towards the end of that year we began to grow out of our little space which was good because we were also getting kicked out due to our noise. See it turns out we made a rookie mistake of opening our gym under an apartment complex. Oops! 


But, as most things do, it all worked out for the best.  After a couple of stressful months and some luck we found a space a few blocks aways, twice the size and just what we needed! 


Anyone remember moving day to 4272 Lowell? Yep, you guessed it, they carried our equipment over 🙂 That’s one for the memory books! 


We moved into that space and over time made it our own. What a blessing that place was too us and our community, so many great memories and lives changed! We continued to grow as a gym community and as a business, now with coaches and staff, and other things that come with a growing business!


As we began to grow so did our vision for Vantage- we dreamed of having a space where people could bring their kids to workout, they could have space to put their stuff, they could have access to a nutrition coach, a chiropractor, we dreamed of service groups of different ages, and capacities. We dreamed of it being more like a community center or a collaborative type space! We dream of having an office (with a roof : )


So a couple of years into that lease began our search for our “dream” space and the final resting place for Vantage! We searched high and low for months, then years, we needed something soon and were running out of hope. But like I said earlier, like most things it all worked out.. We found our dream space here at 44th and Harlan at the perfect time!  


In June of 2018 we moved here to what we hope to be our final location and we re-branded to Vantage Movement!  So many of you followed us here and allowed us to continue to serve you- Thank you! Over the past couple of years we have been able to serve you in this space with Crossfit, Personal training, BirthFit, Kids classes, workshops, Chiropractic and Nutrition and more!  


Year after year our vision continues to grow and morph so i thought it would be fun to share with your what it is now. 


What’s funny to know about this vision statement is that we re-vised it about 6-8 months ago prior to COVID and having our physical location closed forced to go online. Are you ready for it…



“To lead our local and online community in discovering their potential and become happier healthier humans! We believe people change people! 


Ha! Apparently we knew this was coming… No Not really. But no matter where or how we serve you , if it’s online or in person the vision is still the same.


As we look to the future of Vantage we will remain committed to transforming so much more than your bodies and hope that we continue to be able to do that for many years to come. 


Thank you Vantage Family for all of your support over the last 8 years, Thank you to our incredible team who is dedicated to our vision and mission and works so hard to help deliver on it, thank you to everyone who has encouraged us, prayed for us and helped us in any way  along the way of this crazy 8 year journey. We love you and Thank you!


Why High-Intensity Training (HIT) Is Good For You

Today there are so many fitness programs and classes available it can be overwhelming to decide how to train. If you are researching training programs you have probably heard of High Intensity Training (HIT) or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIT is incorporated into many classes and has grown in popularity due to its ability to produce fast and effective results. But what exactly is it…and more importantly how do you decide if it’s right for you?!

Lets answer your top 5 questions about High Intensity Training so you can feel confident in finding a gym, personal trainer, or other fitness option in your local area.

Your top 5 High Intensity Training Questions:


  • What exactly is HIT?
  • Is HIT a good fit for me?
  • What does a HIT workout look like?
  • What types of movements are in a HIT workout?
  • What are the benefits of HIT?


1.What exactly is HIT?

High intensity refers to a level of intensity that is measured by a high power output or a high rate of perceived exertion. This will be unique to every individual.

A high intensity strength workout will cause high motor unit recruitment. This means it activates a majority of the muscles in your body and generally requires loads >80% of your 1 rep maximum to achieve the desired stimulus.

Near maximal exertion for aerobic work or “cardio” this would be performing exercises at a pace that elevates heart rate and gets you sweating and breathing heavy. You would work at a pace that would be unsustainable for more than a few minutes at a time. These workouts are often set up in an interval fashion where you go hard for a short period of time and then rest. This allows you to repeat the effort several times until the desired training stimulus is achieved. As you train in this way you will improve your ability to train hard for longer periods of time and delay the “burning” feeling commonly associated with HIT.

2. Is HIT a good fit for me?

High Intensity Training is a great fit for anyone looking to get fast results. The key is determining what the definition of “Intensity” is for you. Jumping into a class workout performing movements you haven’t mastered and loads your body is not ready for is a big no-no.

Working with a coach who has experience scaling workouts to meet your needs and abilities is the key to having long term success with HIT training. They will help you choose the exercises, weights, frequency, and duration of your training session to ensure your body gets the stimulus you need with risk of injury or burnout.

Be weary of anyone who promises vomiting or intense pain from their workouts. It’s not an effective way to get the results you want!

3. What does a HIT workout look like?

For a high intensity strength training workout you will be using heavy loads. Ideally greater than 80% of your 1RM as this is the ideal load for gaining strength, building muscle, and improving body composition.

Often times performing multiple exercises back to back at moderate intensity (60-80%) can produce a similar training result. It is important that the movements are carefully selected to ensure that form is not compromised and that the rest time is adequate enough to allow for repeated effort.

If you aren’t familiar with exercises, weightlifting, or just aren’t sure of what your body is capable of then you will benefit from working with a certified and highly qualified trainer or coach. They will analyze your movement and help you develop the motor control and stability to prepare your body for more high intensity forms of exercise.

4. What types of movements are in a HIT workout?

Any type of movement can be incorporated into a HIT workout. Resistance training with barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells are all great tools. You can incorporate resistance bands, chains, battle ropes or medicine balls. Gymnastics implements like pullup bars or rings. Even simple bodyweight movements and plyometrics can be used.

The most important factor when choosing movements is that you have technical proficiency with the movement and can perform multiple reps at a given load with exceptional form. If your form tends to break down when you are fatigued or you have mobility issues that alter your technique then that movement is not a good choice for the high intensity training session.

5. What are the benefits of HIT?

There are numerous benefits that come from High Intensity Training.

The lactic acid produced from properly executed high intensity training will stimulate the release of growth hormone stimulating sugar and fat metabolism. It also increases protein synthesis which means you will build more lean muscle. HIT training also elevates your metabolism helping you burn more calories both during your training session and for many hours after you’re done.

You also tend to accomplish more work in less time with HIT training. This makes it a great way to train for busy folks who can only train 20-30 minutes 2 or 3 days per week. Just remember that training is only half of the equation. Adequate sleep and proper nutrition make sure that your body recovers from and adapts to the training stimulus, giving you the results you want.

There you have it. Answer to your Top 5 questions about HIT training. If you’re ready to talk to a coach to see if High Intensity Training is right for YOU then get in touch with one of our coaches today for a free consult!

Struggling with Motivation… We Can Help!

Struggling with Motivation at Home.. We can help

“I just don’t have the motivation at home.” We’ve heard this alot. 

That’s ok. Because you don’t need motivation at home. Does it help? Sure. But it’s not required.

You just need a daily schedule, a daily plan, a daily discipline, a daily course of action… whatever you want to call it, you need it, especially when motivation is lacking.

About a year ago, at a team meeting, I told the coaches about a comment I heard someone say in the lines of “well, it’s easy for the coaches to work out.” So, I went around the table and asked every coach if it’s easy for them to workout. Every single one of them said “no.”

And that’s the truth. It’s just as hard for us to be motivated, to stay disciplined, to just get off the couch and “get it in.” It’s not easier for coaches because they are coaches or more fit or more motivated or more disciplined. That’s a myth.

So, how do they do it?

Set your schedule and take it one item at a time.

It doesn’t have to be by the minute. It doesn’t have to be filled back to back to back. I just needs to have a rhythm, a flow that is set up to not overwhelm you.

Personally, pre-corona, my mornings would be scheduled wout, Working out first thing in the morning because, working out helps get me into the right envery for the day, for other people, it doesn’t.

But, things have changed so I needed to change my daily schedule.

I could wake up early and workout but I know in times of stress, my mind is more important than my fitness so the FIRST thing I do in is have time with myself and a cup of coffee.

Then i wait until lunch to do my workout, Do I enjoy it? I enjoy the workout, I don’t enjoy doing it at lunch time but it’s what needs to be done right now.

It’s on my schedule. It’s an item to check off. It’s something that I know I need and want to do during this time of crisis.

If YOU need help creating a rhythm, a daily schedule, reach out to your coach for help. They can be your accountability buddy or find another member to join the zoom classes with.

Put your workout on your CALENDAR. Make it what I call an NFN… Non, F*%k’n Negotiable.

You all are used to driving to the gym, being there an hour (maybe longer if your in my class:) and driving home.

Now, you just have to log in 5 mins early and knock out 40 mins and that’s it.

No motivation required… just log in. You got this.