A note from Dr. Missy of Basecamp at CrossFit Vantage

  Want to know why Basecamp was started? We asked Dr. Missy and this is what she told us. . . . My goal for Basecamp initially was to create a workout that supplemented CrossFit programming….allowing people more time on form and using the little muscles. In addition to this, it has now evolved into […]

Yoga @ Vantage Begins March 9th!

Yoga at CrossFit Vantage begins in March! We are so excited to now be offering Yoga starting in March with our new instructor, Jenn!  She is a CrossFitter, Occupational therapist and is starting PT school! Yoga class is included with your Vantage Membership! If you have a Punch Card it will count towards one of your Punches. March […]