Born in Coco Beach, FL, raised in Rock Hill, NY, I have played soccer, baseball, skied, snowboarded and golfed most of my life. Growing up with twin younger brothers made everything a competition. I played soccer competitively up until my Junior year of high school both in school and travel teams.
I moved out to Colorado in 2009 to attend Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. My sophomore year at CSU was when I discovered Crossfit. A couple of co-workers were talking about it every day we worked together for a couple of months and kept trying to get me to try it out. Finally I gave in and dropped in for a class at Wild Horizons Crossfit. I loved it almost immediately, I had been going to the gym for years prior but never had a workout that was that intense since my days playing soccer. The community was welcoming, and it was a place where everyone was coming to become better versions of themselves.


  • CF L1

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