• Bachelors in Communication 
  • Masters in Organizational Communication, Training and Development




Grant Simmons

Born in Chicago, IL. I grew up playing every sport I could, getting an opportunity to stay active, and hang with my best friend. I played basketball, roller hockey, football, golf, and BMX. I was so active, I had broken four bones and five surgeries by the time I turned 18.

I moved to Colorado for college and found a fervent love for the outdoors. Although I stayed active and competed in races, I never found a consistent routine for working out: I trained hard for races and ate like Homer Simpson in the offseason. 

While training for an Olympic Triathlon in 2016, a friend recommended supplementing my training with CrossFit. I dropped in at a local box pretty confident of my endurance- but I got rocked (wall balls). I was hooked after that and I started going several times a week; finally finding a routine and healthy rhythm in my life. Now, the pursuit of fitness is a value for my whole family (My wife, Lani, and my two girls, Reegan and Myla).

My life’s purpose is to help others realize their full potential through coaching and teaching. Whether I am facilitating for large organizations, teaching Graduate School, or Coaching, I am in my happy place. 


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification

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