Crazy 8!



Wow, we can even believe it’s been 8 years! We thought it would be a good time to share our story, how Vantage got started, why we got started, the mission and the vision for us going forward. We hope you’ll take a quick trip with us down memory lane.  


We aren’t usually great at stopping to celebrate ourselves (although we encourage all of you too) so we thought we would take a moment to do that, reflect on the past, celebrate how we got here and dream of the future.


Many many moons ago (like 14th years) Chris and I were both working as personal training at the Downtown Colorado Athletic club when we were introduced to this crazy new fitness method called CrossFit. At first like many of you, we were skeptical but crazy enough to try it. So we experimented on ourselves first like any good trainer and couldn’t believe how effective it was! 


Then we began using it with our clients and getting in trouble  for doing CrossFit like things in a globo gym : ). All the while our passion for CrossFit was blooming so were our dreams of opening a fitness studio one day. 


We were just young personal trainers with huge hearts,  passion and the purist dream of wanting to help more people than we knew we could with one on one personal training the red tape of a corporate gym.


Fast forward through a love story, a new baby and a couple of cross country moves and a wedding and we landed back in Denver both working at corporate gyms again but the dream  still burning inside, so like all small business owners we got brave enough to take the first leap!


I quit my job, landed a loan and a lease and CrossFit Vantage began on 38th and King in a small 1200 square foot space! 

The first year (2012) as i remember was hard but so fun, Chris and I  coached most of the classes, answered all the emails, cleaned the toilets and started helping as many people as we could!  We grew rapidly that first year from 0 to over a 100 members and an amazing community of people started becoming like family! We are proud to say some of those very first members are still here today and we could not be more grateful!


Towards the end of that year we began to grow out of our little space which was good because we were also getting kicked out due to our noise. See it turns out we made a rookie mistake of opening our gym under an apartment complex. Oops! 


But, as most things do, it all worked out for the best.  After a couple of stressful months and some luck we found a space a few blocks aways, twice the size and just what we needed! 


Anyone remember moving day to 4272 Lowell? Yep, you guessed it, they carried our equipment over 🙂 That’s one for the memory books! 


We moved into that space and over time made it our own. What a blessing that place was too us and our community, so many great memories and lives changed! We continued to grow as a gym community and as a business, now with coaches and staff, and other things that come with a growing business!


As we began to grow so did our vision for Vantage- we dreamed of having a space where people could bring their kids to workout, they could have space to put their stuff, they could have access to a nutrition coach, a chiropractor, we dreamed of service groups of different ages, and capacities. We dreamed of it being more like a community center or a collaborative type space! We dream of having an office (with a roof : )


So a couple of years into that lease began our search for our “dream” space and the final resting place for Vantage! We searched high and low for months, then years, we needed something soon and were running out of hope. But like I said earlier, like most things it all worked out.. We found our dream space here at 44th and Harlan at the perfect time!  


In June of 2018 we moved here to what we hope to be our final location and we re-branded to Vantage Movement!  So many of you followed us here and allowed us to continue to serve you- Thank you! Over the past couple of years we have been able to serve you in this space with Crossfit, Personal training, BirthFit, Kids classes, workshops, Chiropractic and Nutrition and more!  


Year after year our vision continues to grow and morph so i thought it would be fun to share with your what it is now. 


What’s funny to know about this vision statement is that we re-vised it about 6-8 months ago prior to COVID and having our physical location closed forced to go online. Are you ready for it…



“To lead our local and online community in discovering their potential and become happier healthier humans! We believe people change people! 


Ha! Apparently we knew this was coming… No Not really. But no matter where or how we serve you , if it’s online or in person the vision is still the same.


As we look to the future of Vantage we will remain committed to transforming so much more than your bodies and hope that we continue to be able to do that for many years to come. 


Thank you Vantage Family for all of your support over the last 8 years, Thank you to our incredible team who is dedicated to our vision and mission and works so hard to help deliver on it, thank you to everyone who has encouraged us, prayed for us and helped us in any way  along the way of this crazy 8 year journey. We love you and Thank you!



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