March Member Highlight Mike Donovan

A little bit about Mike!

I am a Colorado native and I have lived in north-west Denver for the last ten years. I went to school at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley and after graduating I started working in restaurants. I have been working for an independent bar owner for over ten years and I am now the general manager of Hopper’s Sports Grill. CrossFit Vantage is right down the block from where I live and after checking it out, it seemed like a perfect fit for what I needed. I needed a change and CrossFit was the beginning to a bunch of changes! 

Bar life takes its toll long days and late nights start to add up and after a couple of years of dating I decided to ask my girlfriend, Kari to be my wife. She deserves more than an out of shape bar tender. When I have some spare time I enjoy the mountains as much as I can. The bar I work at has volleyball leagues in the summer so I try to get involved with at least one team. In the winter Kari and I usually hit up a few concerts around Denver.

It takes a lot of self-control for me to avoid all the bar food that I am around pretty much all day every day.  When I cheat it usually has something to do with fried food. CrossFit works great for me because of the class structure and the easy schedule. I appreciate the group motivation and constant coaching help from the great staff at Vantage. CrossFit has helped me get out of the day to day grind at work. A more active, healthier lifestyle has become a habit as opposed to the exception that it used to be.

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