Merry Lift-Mas & A letter from the owners

Well here we are again.  Another trip around the sun, another calendar full of X’s, and the feeling of excitement in the air as we close out 2018 and prepare for 2019.  As we sit here reflecting on the past year, it’s hard to remember all the wonderful moments we’ve been a part of but let’s give it a shot! First, a thank you.

Thank yous:

We want to start by thanking our incredible Staff.  From early mornings to late nights, they continued to exemplify growth, development, the level of professionalism and values that make up an amazing team.

We also need to thank all of you Athletes. It’s your desire to improve, excitement to train, and wonderful personalities that makes the Vantage community so unique.

We also need to thank our Vantage Ambassadors for helping us put on such amazing events throughout the past year. From the Christmas Party, and Friendsgiving to the Movie Night and Country Dance parties of last winter.  We couldn’t have done it without all your help.

Let’s Recap 2018 and then Talk about what’s to come in 2019!

2018 CrossFit Open: In February and March we had our biggest and most successful CrossFit Open ever at Vantage! We were floored by the participation and accomplishments of all the individuals who participated.  The spirit and friendly competition between all our teams brought the level of excitement and fun to each workout to levels we couldn’t imagine.

New Space:  In May we were finally able to address our growing need for more space.  After years of dreaming and searching, we moved into our dream space and doubled in size. As you know, opening these doors has allowed us to serve our community with additional programs and offerings! We’d like to highlight the water fountain, bigger bathrooms, all the space and our real office!  We are so grateful for all of you who helped make this dream space a reality and we are committed to better serving you through the opportunities of our new location!

Barbell club: With the additional new space, we have been able to dedicate a full time space to our barbell club. Our first Barbell Cycle was a huge success that saw improvements in technique and personal records.  2019 is looking to be a year where we can focus more resources to continuing to improve our club and our athletes.

Kids Program: We were so excited to be able to finally run a kids program here at Vantage! It’s no secret Vantage has a lot of families and we are so excited to get all of the kids moving and passionate about fitness. We believe this program will help shape the ways our kids see health and fitness and set them up for healthy lifestyles in the future. Our first one was a huge success and we look forward to growing that program to be ongoing in 2019.

Body Class: We’ve talked about offering a barbell-less class at Vantage for a few years. We saw a need for a class that didn’t include barbells for those of you that wanted a break from the barbell or for those who just don’t like it. We can’t wait to grow this program in 2019!

BirthFit: We are always striving to improve our services and this fall we ran our very first Vantage BirthFit class for prenatal and postpartum moms! With all the Vantage baby’s being born we wanted to better serve our mamas and mama’s to be through this dedicated program! We are so proud of Sierra for becoming a Regional Director and know she has great plans for this 2019’s Wheat Ridge BirthFit

Back2 Movement: Part of our Vision for this space was to be a one stop shop for wellness.  It has been an honor to welcome Jimmy back into our facility and watch as he improves the wear and tear of our athletes. In just the 3 months since he’s been back, our athletes have seen a tremendous improvement on their movement issues.    

RISE Nutrition and Wellness: Nutrition is such a critical component to fitness and wellness that we have partnered with Kellen and RISE Nutrition and Wellness to better help address the nutritional issues and concerns many of us battle.  It has been a blessing having Kellen’s knowledge and dedication become a part of the Vantage Movement. We now offer nutrition as an add-on to any membership and will have multiple challenges through the coming year.

Christmas Gift Equipment: At the end of every year we do an equipment purchase of things members have been asking for or we see a need for! This year we will be purchasing two additional flat benches which will open up the programming to… yes- Bench Press! In addition we will be adding some additional rings to finish off the new rig and an additional gymnastics mat to increase our HSPU arena.

Coming in 2019:

Kids programs: First one starting in January and we hope to grow this to an ongoing class!

Barbell Club- First cycle in January!

Rise Nutrition Challenge- Starting in January and ongoing Nutrition Coaching!

Mobility Classes: We have heard through the grapevine that our members want a dedicated class for Mobility- and who better to teach this class than our very own in house Chiropractor Dr. Jimmy! We will run this class for three months as a trial beginning in January.  If and when it’s a success we will look to continue the growth of this class.

The CrossFit Open in Feb/March! With our new home, we’re incredibly excited to see what the 2019 CrossFit Open will bring.  

Expanding Body class days/times! In March we will look to add additional days/time to the existing Vantage Body class.

Online Programming: We will also begin offering online Personalized Programming for those in need of some personalize accessory work, frequently travel and as an opportunity to serve an E-Community!

BirthFit Wheat Ridge: Vantage Movement is now the official home of BirthFit Wheat Ridge! Our very own Sierra Lanier has applied and was accepted to be a Regional Director for BirthFit. In 2019 we will expand our BirthFit offerings, so stay tuned and spread the word to all your mama friends!

Athlete Check Ins & In House Challenges:

We know how busy life can be and how easy it is to fall out of the rhythm of exercise.  In an effort to increase your success and keep health and fitness a priority, we will be offering both Athlete Check Ins and In House Challenges to help you stay motivated and inspired working towards your fitness goals. Our goal is and has always been to help our members make long term lifestyle changes.  We are recommitting this to you in 2019 and for us to help, we want you to recommit to coming in, training hard, making progress and have fun while doing it!!

So, be on the lookout for these great opportunities coming your way to keep you on the life long journey of health and fitness!

We can not thank you enough for all of the support you have shown us. We hope to continue to make an impact on your health and life in 2019 and are so grateful for the opportunity to serve you!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and here’s to new and great opportunities in 2019!

With Gratitude, Chris & Amanda


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