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Program Description Fall 2018:

Why: We will be utilizing our new space and coaching ability to help improve the overall strength and power of our athletes.

Our Focus:
-Developing athletes who already have basic understanding of technique and are looking to improve their positional strength and increase their 1 rep maxes for the snatch and clean & jerk.

-Each training session will have a variation of the main lifts (Snatch, Clean, Jerk), and accessory lifts to improve your squats, pulls, receiving positions and pressing.

-We will also spend time focusing on your speed and agility under the bar.

This program will be great for athletes looking to
-Break through plateaus
-Improve in the olympic lifts
-Supplement CrossFit while we’re in work capacity phase.

Class Days/Time:
We will be training 3x/week, with 3 coached classes.

Dates: August 13th-September 30th (6 weeks)

Cost: $150/ $25 per week

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