Program Description January 2018:

Our Focus:
-Developing athletes who already have basic understanding of technique and are looking to improve their positional strength and increase their 1 rep maxes for the snatch and clean & jerk.

2019 BB Club starts off this January with a focus on improving overall strength and skill of the full snatch and the full clean and jerk.
Don’t worry if you feel like your lifts are in need of some desperate help!
You’ll have the opportunity to practice and improve the important components of each lift and watch as your full lifts improve.
This program will consist of two- 90 min coached sessions and 1 day of accessory work. Each training session will be programmed by Coach Coop and combine a major lift (snatch or clean variation), positional lifts (pulls, squats, presses or weird weightlifting voodoo), and a core component.
Coach Josie will lead the 6 week program on Monday and Thursday at 5:30pm and Coach Coop may co-lead some days.
At the completion of this cycle we will be hosting an optional in-house Weightlifting Competition for personal glory and to test your new found strength and skill.
This 6 week program will be $150, start on January 8th and run till the start of the CrossFit Open on February 21, 2019. 

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