mobility: warm-up: 100m run mb pullovers 200m run mb pullovers 300m run mb pullovers wod: 3x 500m row 400m run plank complex sit-ups hip bridges


Mobility: Warm-up: 3x 20 pullovers 100m run 3x 8 Pull-ups 20 Lateral Hops 400m run 10 Toes 2 Bar


Mobility: Warm-up: 3x 200m run 3 Pull-ups 5 Push-ups 7 squat therapy WOD: “8 days of Chanukah” 400m run 8x 12 squats jumps 8 pushpresses (DB) 400m run


Mobility: Warm-up: PVC Complex 5x BB Progression 2 Deadlift + Shrug 2 Hang Power Clean 2 Hang Power Clean + Front Squat 2 “Squat” Clean 100m run Strength: “Squat” Clean 5×2 WOD: 3x 400m run 20 back squats


mobility: warm-up: 2x 100 m run squat therapy parallette plank w/ hip extension Strength: Find Heavy 1rep Front Squat WOD: 3x 400m run 21 goblet squats 42 flutter kicks


Mobility: warm-up: 2x 200m run kb complex Skill: Muscle-Ups wod: Helen 3x 400m run 21 kb swings 12 pull-ups


Mobility: Warm-up: 3x 5 Ring Rows 10 Parallette Push-ups 15 Reverse Burpees “I Got Pull-ups Challenge” WOD: 3x 400m run 15 Thrusters 12 Pull-ups


Mobility: Warm-up: 5x 200 m sprint 10 Squat Jumps 7 Pull-ups (r1. strict, r2. chin up, r3. kip, r4 butterfly, r5. c2b) WOD: amrap 20mins 400m run 15 Front Squats 15 Ring Rows

A Mouth Full of Oxygen

5-11-12 WOD Warm-up Strength: OH Squat 5x 400m run 12 Pushpresses 15 Box Jumps It’s spring time and except for a few days recently it’s been a great time to be outside exercising. For a lot of you this means going for a run. Some of you are training for a race, others just […]