The Paleo Challenge: Recap Part Deux

Thank you to Everyone that came to the Epic Cheat Meal today at Steuban’s. There is no better way to spend a Saturday than in the company of good friends. The way we judged this Challenge was originally going to be based off advanced algorithms and a formula that could only be deciphered with NASA […]

The Paleo Challenge: Recap

Well there it is.  28 days of Paleo Eating. Did you survive?  Yes! Was the food bland and tasteless?  Did you starve to death?  Was it really as Bad as you thought it’d be? No, of course not. Rarely are things as bad as we believe them to be.  Most of the time, we just […]

Paleo Challenge: Day 14

We are half way through our First Paleo Challenge. ¬†And from the conversations I have heard over the past few weeks, we are having the reactions we hoped we would. ¬†People are feeling better, having more energy, performing better, and feeling the consequences of their cheat meals. The first week to ten days can be […]