Mark Wilkens

"It's been a blessing in my life"

Mark Wilkens

 I joined Crossfit Vantage 5-ish years ago, and it has been nothing but a blessing in my life.  I am thankful for the following reasons:


  •         Physical/ Mental Challenge – I love Crossfit, and Vantage programming because it pushes me to growth both physically and mentally.  At 33 years old, I’m now in the best shape of my life. When I started crossfit I couldn’t squat over 200 lbs, I could barely string together pull ups, and certainly not do things like muscle ups.  Today I can squat almost 300 lbs, dead lift almost 400, and complete multiple muscle ups! But even more importantly, I’m thankful for the mental strength gains. I see the mental stamina translate positively to my life as a father, my marriage, and my work.
  •         Stress Release – Crossfit is such a healthy and positive stress release for me.  I love coming to the gym after work/ before home, because it gets my mind right, and allows me to have a healthy release before going home at night.
  •         Coaching – I have now attended almost 10 Crossfit boxes (only been a member at Vantage, other gyms through drop-ins), and I can confidently say that Vantage has THE best coaching of any gym I’ve attended.  Vantage has a culture of high quality coaching, and I believe this starts from the top – Chris and Amanda! All Vantage coaches are positive and take time to actually teach/ coach. I also love the emphasis on mobility as a group.  This keeps people away from injury, and creates community. Almost all other gyms I attended did not emphasize communal mobility or communal warm ups, and the coaching was minimal at best.
  •         Community – Vantage has a fantastic community.  It’s a welcoming environment where people feel genuinely loved and cared for.



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