Vantage May Member Highlight Joe Galera

Joe Galera

Joe has been around the world and back again, but he will always consider Minnesota home! He graduated from Minnetonka High School and went onto study at Miami University.  After college and some traveling he went to study Law at Temple University in Philadelphia! After working for some time as a public defender he decided to open up, The Law Office of Joseph W. Galera, LLC where he focuses on criminal defense and family law. He works hard to ensure that his clients get treated fairly and that he is the best advocate for his client.

During the summer Joe and his wife, Laura like to spend time outdoors with their two children Sofia and Juaquim. Now that their kids are older they may even get to camp with them soon! They went to Spain last year with little Sofia and will be taking a trip to the Jersey Shore this summer with both kiddos this time around! He might just be taking part in a cheat meal of lasagna or cheesecake while there!

He did not originally start at Vantage, but came to us from another gym after speaking and working with, Coach Kat. One of his favorite things about CrossFit Vantage is the community. Vantage has become like family to him and he loves how positive everyone is! He is doing things that he didn’t think that he would do and he loves the challenge! He loves that here you really can, “claim your own experience” and make it what you want it to be!

Through his experience here he has his confidence has gone up and he has lost a total of 34lbs through CrossFit and taking part in the Whole Life Challenge! His energy level has increased and he can see a noticeable difference in his overall life. He is very proud that he decided to take part in the CrossFit Open 2016 because it was a challenge he would have never thought of doing and of course having Amanda as your judge isn’t all that bad either!

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