Vantage May Member Highlight Ketra Dawson

Ketra Dawson

Ketra grew up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and went to school at TCU (Go Frogs)! She came to Colorado 5 1/2 years ago. She recently just started working for Global Down Syndrome Foundation in Development. She loves going to sports events, anything outdoors and hanging
with her friends and puppies! When she has a cheat meal it’s Mac & Cheese all the way!

She started at Vantage at the end of October after she was working with a personal trainer for a few years. She started looking into CrossFit because personal training no longer fit into her budget. She spoke with her friend and Vantage Coach, Jared Scott about it and he had nothing but great things to say, so she started a few days later.

CrossFit makes her do things that she wouldn’t normally do in a workout and she has made some great friends since joining Vantage! I get happy when I see dead-lifts in a workout (although 16.4 might have changed that). Although she has never been a fan of cardio she has seen

a huge improvement since starting just a short time ago. CrossFit has helped hold her accountable for making it to the gym and it’s something
she actually looks forward to coming in every day for. She has also found that it’s been a great to set little goals for herself along the way or for the WODs and be able to achieve them and improve!

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