What do you want… Progress

What do you want? Progress..that’s what!

Here we are folks- 2019! Happy New Year!

How are you feeling about where your fitness is? The beginning of a new year or a new quarter is a great time to take inventory of where you are. Below we have a great assessment tool for you to do so, called the Fitness Wheel! Take a look … what areas might you want to progress in?

Progress is what we are after anyway. We as humans need to know that we are making progress, it keeps us encouraged, it keeps up moving forward!

So, what’s going well?  And what would you like to progress towards?

We are excited to announce a new offering with Coach Josie called Athlete check in’s. We highly encourage all athletes to schedule a session.

What to expect? During the athlete check in you’ll sit down with Coach josie, discuss where you are and set some actionable items to work towards and then set up some an accountability. At the end of each session you have the opportunity to schedule your next session to check in, this way you can keep the progress going.

Would you like to sit down and review your goals and set up some accountability around your goals- schedule here.


Directions: The eight sections in the Wheel of Fitness represent different aspects of fitness and where you might be in that area. Seeing the center of the wheel as 1 and the outer edges as 10, rank your level of satisfaction with each area of fitness with a dot, then connect the dots with a line to complete a new circle. If this wheel represents your fitness journey, how bumpy would the ride be?


What are the top 3 areas you would like see improvement in?

  1. ______________________________________________
  2. ______________________________________________
  3. ______________________________________________

What is one step you can take in each area to move towards those improvements and by when will you do it? Who will keep you accountable and how will you measure your progress? Keep it narrow and specific.

  1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Download the PDF here.Fitness Wheel-3

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