When the bones are good- the rest don’t matter

Have you heard that country song- “when the bones are good, the rest don’t matter! ” – by Marren Morris?

Ugh- i love that song. Ok maybe your not a country music fan like myself so we’ll give some more examples;

Have you ever gone house hunting, I remember house hunting for our current home, we searched for months, until we came across this house. When I walked in though the paint colors on the wall were a horrific mustard color in the main living room and puke green in the kitchen  but, but, i was willing to look past that because the “bones” of the house were good, meaning i liked the layout, the location, the yard, the foundation was strong.


When starting a fitness program it’s really important to build a solid foundation. To build a basic understanding of proper movement technique. People who train for marathons or to climb Everest, don’t just decide one day to pack their bags the next  day go climb and well if they do, I don’t think the ending turns out well.


The same goes for when Starting or re-starting our fitness journey, we can’t just decide one day i want to be fit and strong and come in and attempt our first 1 rep max back squat- well would could but that’s not how we do it here-  again the end result is probably not the desired one. So, we follow a process.


We think setting a foundation of knowledge, proper form and a base level of fitness is important. We don’t just let you go from couch to intensity. We ramp it up, we show you how to move in slowly, we show you how to take one step at a time.

We do all of this in our Foundations program. Because we care. We care about your fitness journey being a successful one, one that eases you in, one that is based in longevity and results. We care about your body being safe and being healthy.

We don’t just sign you up and say good luck. No we like to walk alongside you in your Fitness Journey. Interested in learning more? Sign up for a No Sweat intro today so we can get to know you and help build a plan and execute.


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