5 Tips to Stay healthy on Vacay!


 5 Simple TRAVEL TIPS for Staying healthy.

Travel can make healthy eatingifficult but not impossible with proper planning and discipline! Long flight, or drive, limited choices, being tired and mostly likely not to have much in your control. So, when are can’t control we can prepare and respond accordingly! Our will power could get depleted if we don’t mentally prep!


Tip #1:

 Bring your own snacks! There will never be too many bags or suitcases to not allow for a small cooler or a lunch pack to squeeze in. The night or week before or the morning of your departure, head to the grocery store. Most road trip/snacking foods are all carbs (surprise surprise), and although some are okay, you aren’t doing much except sitting. Extra surplus of carbohydrates = wacky energy, crash and burns, and promotes cravings for MORE carbs. The vicious cycle. For your food, pick high protein and high fat, with a little carbohydrate when possible. Unless your doing something active like hiking or biking, then eat the carbs!


Guacamole, hummus, and carrots 

Summer sausage and plantain chips

Beef Jerky (Wheat free is possible, sugar free is hard. Try Steve’s Paleo Kits if strict or on my Challenge)

Canned tuna and almonds or your favorite nut.

Applegate Deli Meat: turkey/roast beef with sliced avocado and cucumber slices

Coffee (Bulletproof if possible) and LaraBar/ Rx Bar/ Wilde Bar/ Epic Bar/Perfect bar

Green Juice 

My favorite combo, dried mango, jerky and walnuts. 


 Tip #2: Plan your Meals even if they are out.

When your eating out, its important to plan ahead. Take a look at what available where your going. Find a restaurant with some good choices, choose salads or a protein and vegetable. Skip the appeitzers. If there’s only fast food, look for a grocery store, grab a rotisserie chicken or deli meat and an apple. Look for a chipotle or qboba, get a chicken bowl, skips the cheese sauce 🙂  


Tip #3:

Drink all the WATER. Even if you have the middle seat and you have to be “that guy/girl” who has to get up or stop to pee every hour! You must to stay hydrated. Not only will it keep bad cravings away, it will keep your muscles from getting too stiff and keep your mood elevated.


Tip #4: 

Move your Butt..

Sitting is the new smoking- havent you heard!  Sitting equals tight hip flexors – then your hips get pulled forward, literally and can  cause your back to compensate. While driving or sitting, think about squeezing your glutes. Activating them will take that pressure off the back. I promise, no one will notice. I like to also bring a lacrosse ball with me- like everywhere! When you are in between flights or at the gas station, start with a few hip flexor stretches by putting your back foot on a curb and go into a half lunge. Even if you are only on break for a few minutes WALK! Move. Jump. Twist. Get the blood flow going as much as possible. When you get to your hotel- or place- plan some fun workouts. There are a billion at home workouts online- no excuses!

 Tip #5: Sleep and Supplement

Make sure to get some sleep (7 hours if you can)  and keep your Vitamin C/Echinaca and Immune Supplements flowing! 

I use Airborne, Elderberrry, Cold Snap and make sure i get as much sleep as I can!



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