Athlete of the MonthJanuary

Jack Moody & Tenaya Morelock

This month we chose a "power couple" to highlight for the month of January. Jack has been around the gym for many years and Tenaya joined classes this last fall. Read their story below!

Tell us a little about yourself?

Hi, I am Jack Moody, I am from Littleton Colorado. I currently work as a sales rep for a start-up cybersecurity company called ThreatX. I basically sell machine learning cyber defense products (i.e. artificial intelligence).

I’m Tenaya, and I’m from Mammoth Lakes, California. I just received my undergraduate degree from CU Boulder and I’ll be working as a financial analyst.

How and when did you get started with CrossFit? 

Jack: I got into CrossFit when I was about 17 years old. Now that I think about it that was a while ago. It all started from hearing about my dad doing CrossFit with Coop. When he suggested I meet with Coop and try it out I was pumped. There was some push from my mom, Cheryl Moody (she’s also a member at the gym). Oh, thinking about it brings me back to Coop pushing me hard at the Colorado Athletic Club. It’s easy to stand out there when Coop is yelling at you to move and push harder when no one else there is doing the same thing. There are a few memories that stand out from those early years. To be frank, there was a lady that thought Coop was going to kill me, and every day she would tell me that I did not have to listen to that crazy man or push that hard. Isn’t that why we love it though? The feeling of laying on the hot pavement of Coop’s driveway in the middle of the summer feeling your heart pound through your chest thinking, I’m gonna hurl. I just know it has made me a stronger better person every day

Tenaya: After hearing all of Jack’s horror stories, I’m surprised I decided to give CrossFit a try – but I’m so glad I did! Going to the CrossFit Open workouts and seeing how supportive the community is convinced me that this is something I really wanted to do, and so I started the process a little more than three months ago. Now I know what he means when he says it’s all worth it.

What recreational activities/hobbies to you do/have?

Jack: Outside of CrossFit, I enjoy skiing with my ski buddy Tenaya. Typically we go to Breckenridge to go skiing, so if anyone is up there let us know! In the summer I love going to the lakes around Colorado especially, to go wake boarding. When Tenaya and I are not doing either of those activities we are most likely amusing our 1-year-old Samoyed puppy named Koda.

Tenaya: We love to go skiing and wake boarding, and we also have a great time taking Koda hiking and camping. CrossFit helps us keep up with his puppy energy.

What is your favorite cheat meal?

Jack: Oh boy, do I ever look forward to cheat meals. My personal favorites are Pizza and Philly cheesesteaks. If I’m going to eat pizza I like to get it from Ian’s pizza downtown by Coors field. For the Philly I like this place called Mikes up in Boulder, the owner’s are straight from Philly and my lord they are delicious.

Tenaya: This is a hard question – ice  cream? Tacos? Hamburgers with lots of bacon? I  think my absolute favorite way to pig out is to go to a restaurant that does happy hour sushi and try all the different rolls.

What is your favorite thing about CrossFit?

Jack: My favorite thing about CrossFit is how hard they push you, the feeling of everyone else in class joining in and rooting for each other, and the fact that I always feel I got pushed to the edge. My favorite movement in CrossFit is the clean. I love how much power can be put in the lift while still remaining technical. My favorite WOD, that’s a hard one, prolly the bear complex because it will cripple you after the workout. I love the Vantage community, because everyone is so welcoming, and will root with you to succeed.

Tenaya: My favorite thing about CrossFit is that there are no excuses. The class environment holds us accountable to be the best we can be and the coaches do a great job of helping us make adjustments to perform better. Knowing that you pushed yourself to the limit is a great feeling. My favorite movements are back squats and deadlifts because they make me feel strong, but I can’t wait to get stronger at other lifts too!

What kind of positive affect has CrossFit had on you and your life?

Jack: CrossFit has had a lot of positives in my life. From being more patient, to seeing the benefits in my physical appearance as well as any day to day movement I come across. It has made me a better skier allowing for me to Helicopter ski, as well as allow for me to attempt a backflip on the wakeboard without feeling too fatigued.

Tenaya: I love feeling stronger and having better endurance, but the biggest positive impact CrossFit has had on my life comes from the goal setting process. It’s so rewarding to know that you’re improving and I think that translates to a lot of other parts of life as well.