How to Set Fitness Goals

I know what your thinking, goals schmoals- It’s the new year and everyone is talking about reslutions and goals. I get it, maybe you’ve had bad experience with goal setting or new years resolutions. Maybe you write something down and never go back to it, maybe you’ve tried and failed. But I want to provide […]

New Restrictions – No Problem

Dear Vantage Family,  As you might have heard, Jefferson County and many other counties are moving to a level red and tightening restrictions. The good news is it should have little to no impact on your fitness at Vantage! If anything it just means your getting more one on one attention!   Here’s what the level […]

Winter, COVID, Levels and all you need to know

Hello Vantage Family!  Well given the snow day this week, I guess winter is here!  We know this year has been difficult and your dedication to your fitness and health are an inspiration. We want to say thank you for all your continued support. With the changing of seasons, some of you might have questions […]

Am I too old for this?

There is a wildly pervasive concept that once you turn 50, game over. Don’t bother working out—it’s not worth it, and you’re only going to hurt yourself. Instead of working out, go for a walk! Take up gardening!  Seriously?? I could go on for days about how much working out has done for me as […]

Pumpkin Everything

It’s that time of year again, cooler mornings, chili nights and Pumpkin spice everything. Here are 14 Pumpkin recipes from Fed & Fit to help! Give them a follow them at Sweet Pumpkin Dump Cake – Pumpkin pie meets a delicious, cobbler-style crust. If you only make one pumpkin recipe this season, this should be […]


My mother in law was diagnosed with Gullian Barre syndrome early this year. It left here wheel chair bound and re-learning to walk and do daily activities. This disease has no cure or no real know cause, some people recover some people don’t. Every day for the last few months my mother in law who […]

The Joys of Functional Fitness

By: Caryn Fox You probably know the feeling: You show up at the gym, look at the WOD, groan, and do it anyway. When it’s over, you probably loved it. ☺ Regardless – whether you loved the workout or simply pushed through – know that everything you do at the gym provides critical functional fitness […]

How important is sleep?

This weekend our little man Boden (19 months old) got a little over tired from not napping that day which led to a really rough night for him and particularly my husband who slept on his floor so he wouldn’t scream all night. Just imagine it, Coach coop on the floor with a pillow, no […]

Fearless Over 50

How Caryn went from out of shape to your newest Fitness Coach… “Nobody will hire you if you’re fat.” That was my mother’s way of trying to get me to lose weight. It didn’t work. I was in my late 40s, overweight, and suffering from back pain so severe I could barely bend down to […]