mobility: warm-up: WOD 1: Cortnaeā€™s Birthday Head Rush 6x 1min each Handstand Hold Deadlifts WOD 2: CrossFit Vantage One Year Anniversary 12 min amrap 100m sandbag run 3 sandbag get-ups/side 6 hand release push-ups 5 Chin ups


mobility: warm-up: 3x 100m run 20 bulgarian split squat 3x press.3x pushpress. 3x pushjerk wod: 4x 200m run 12 pushpresses 20 pistols


mobility: warm-up: 3x barbell complex 4/8 ring dips strength: Power Clean 5×1 wod: amrap 7mins 6 power cleans 12 burpee bar hops


mobility: warm-up: wod: 29 min time cap 50 wallball shots 3x 400m run 21 kb swings 12 pull-ups 50 wallball shots Double Unders Sit-ups 50 wallball shots


warm-up: A. 2x 10x JFHC 20 Hip Bridges Agility Drill B. Deadlifts (tech/build up bar) WOD: 21.15.9. Deadlifts Box Jumps


Saturday’s WOD’s are at Sloans Lake. We’ll meet at the field off 26th and Tennyson St. Bring a water bottle filled with water, cause it’s gonna be a hot one and you want to stay hydrated. Remember the 8am is cancelled today. We will be running a 9 and 10am class at the park. Have […]


mobility: warm-up: 1 min rope turns 20 mb pullovers 5/10 ring dips wod: For Time 6 box jumps 30 Renegade Rows 6 box jumps 30 DB Cleans & Jerks 6 box jumps 30 Sit-ups (W) 6 box jumps


mobility: warm-up: A. 3x 5 strict pull-ups 10 kips 5 hang squat cleans + pushpress B. deadlift wod: “Allison” 32 wallball shots 8x 4 Deadlift 5 c2b Pull-ups 32 wallball shots


mobility: warm-up: 8 front squats 100m run 10 single leg hip bridge/side 5. front squats 100m run 10 single leg hip bridges/side 3. front squats 100m run 10 single leg hip bridges/side strength: Front Squat 5×1 wod: Amrap 10mins 7 front squats 4 25m shuttle sprints