Office & Member Experience Manager & BirthFit Coach


I was born and raised in Duluth, MN and moved to Denver in 2011. I Met my husband Jerry shortly after and we got married in Oct. 2014. I found CrossFit in fall of 2015, when a friend brought me to Vantage for a ‘Share the Love’ Saturday WOD. I struggled with being over weight my whole life and had reached a breaking point. Discovering CrossFit changed all of that for me. Since October 2015, I’ve lost 40 pounds and many inches, but more importantly have learned how to treat my body well, love myself, and gained a whole lot of confidence!

I joined the Vantage Team in June of 2016. I love working here because of the community! The members and coaches have always been so friendly and welcoming and I’m happy I get to be a part of the team and do that for other people too. I hope that through my job here and through my story other people who are interested in CrossFit, but are nervous to try it will see that it really is possible for people from any fitness background to find success here at Vantage.


  • CF Level 1
  • BirthFit Certified Coach
  • BirthFit Regional Director
  • DNS- Course 1

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