Covid19 Updates

We will use this for gym updates and changes due to the Covid 19 Virus.

Here are some FAQS for our Post COVID ReOpen

Updated May 29th.

Thank you for your patience while we navigate all these new restrictions! We are doing everything we can to create the best experience we can for our members within the restrictions placed on us. We compiled this list for you to help answers some questions you may have!




Our Schedule will look slightly different than before and we will be adding or cancelling classes to accommodate the needs of the community and with successful safety standards. Phase 2 is the first of many phases/schedules as we work back toward the good ol’ days. 


Class Registrations Required through Zenplanner: 

We are limiting the amount of students in each class and following Jefferson county’s guidelines. We are still  awaiting for new guidelines to be issued for June. You may begin booking classes as of Wednesday through the Zenplanner App.


What does the workout space look like:

Individual workout boxes  have been marked out on the floors to allow for proper social distancing.  We will allow for 4 people inside the gym and 4 people on the patio. You will be required to register for either an inside spot or an outside spot in the class.


You MUST register online prior to class in the Zenplanner app. Here is a demo video.


Cancellation Policy: 

Cancellations may be made up to 6 hours before the start of class. Please be mindful your fellow athletes may want to schedule. If you require any assistance logging-in or setting up your online account, we are happy to help!  Feel free to e-mail at and we will walk you through it. 


No Shows: If you reserve a spot in class and no show we will be tracking this. If this becomes a problem and prevents others from training we will implement a penalty. We will reassessing as needed.



If you see a full class that you would like to attend, sign up to be on the waiting list. If there is a cancellation, you will be notified by email.


Here are some answers to some FAQS you might have:


What if it Rains and I have an outdoor spot: 

We will cancel the outdoor group class if it rains. If you have a spot scheduled outside and it’s supposed to rain or it is raining, you cancel your reservation. Unfortunately we can not predict the weather or control it. If you’re on a 9x or 12x a month and you come and get rained out we can remove that visit for you and not count against your total count for the month but you will have to email us to do so.


Can I still do Personal Training during Class: 

We will continue to allow Personal Training to continue during class times but will need to keep the max number of people in the gym to under 10 people.


Can I do Open gym during class: We will allow you to reserve a spot in class and complete your own workout however it must be limited to 1 hour. 


Can I stay after class and do extra stuff: Not at this time. 


If I keep on Online Membership can I keep my Equipment: Not at this time. We will assess this as we get back into group classes. 


Are you still offering your Body Classes:  Due to the current restrictions at this time we are not, we will however be offering a Body Option, you can reserve a spot in our regular class and complete the body option. 


What if I can’t get a spot in my class time that I want: We understand this can be frustrating and we are hoping these limitations are only temporary.  We will add classes as needed to try to accommodate everyone. If after the first two weeks you are having trouble getting into class please let us know. We will assess the schedule every two weeks and make decisions on adding classes.


Gym Cleaning procedures:

Each individual workout box will include its own set of equipment, hand sanitizer, wipes and white board. We will ask each athlete to wipe down equipment at the end of their session. 

We will aim to limit the amount of “floor time” during workouts and warm ups.


How long will the classes be? Classes will be 45 minutes long to allow for class transitions and cleaning between classes.

How many people will be allowed per class: We will be allowing 4 inside and 4 outside on the side patio.


Checking into class and Logging Scores: We will ask you check yourselves into class via Zenplanner and log your scores from your phones. As the computer at the gym will not be available for public use.

Will we have Open gym? (M/W/F 1-3):  Yes! It will be limited to 4 inside and 4 people outside and also requires registration through Zenplanner.


Masks: Masks will be required for members and staff entering and exiting the building but will not be required during exercise. Please keep your mask with you so you may wear it upon exiting.


Can I come in before class and change: Yes, you may enter the building prior to class to change in the bathroom, however we ask that you go back outside and wait for class to start and keep all personal belongings with you.


Special Masked classes: We will assess the demand for a masked class if you would prefer to only come to a mask class please email us so we know the demand. 


Special Populations: We will reserve the front room area for our special populations. For example our pregnant moms, those with underlying medical issues and our 55+ athletes. Please let your coach know if you would like a front room spot.


Personal Items: Please keep all personal items with you in your individual box at all times and bring everything you need for a great workout. 


Bathrooms will remain open but we ask that you practice social distancing and wash your hands per the CDC guidelines.

Water fountains: Will only be used for refilling of water bottles or cups.


Social Distancing: 

Entry: Before class, please wait outside on the taped x’s for your coach to call you in, you will then sanitize and get settled into an appropriate station with your needed equipment, bar etc.  Please keep your belongings with you. If you need to change for class you may enter early and go back out and wait outside.  After class, please wait  for your instructor to dismiss you by name and exit at the side door.  After class, please feel free to chat outside of the facility with your friends. 

We will be removing high touch items from the facility at this time. 


During this time, the lounge will be closed and no tactile cues will be given by the coaches. Surely there will be hugs on the horizon, but for now let’s give each other space and keep it safe. 


Will you still host zoom classes? We are looking into live streaming classes via zoom for those who are not ready for in person classes. We will do this based on demand, so please email us if you’re interested.


What if i’m not ready for in person classes? 

We know some of you are not ready to come back to in person training and we completely understand. We will continue to offer Online Coaching through TruCoach and Hybrid options as well. Please just let us know your plans so we can get you on the right platform or schedule a call with us to discuss the best option for your current needs and goals.


Self Assessment: 

We will not be taking each members temperature however we ask that you do a self assessment prior to coming to class. 

We ask everyone to self-answer the following questions before you leave your home (If the response to any is “yes” you should not come to the facility):

  • Have you had a cough?
  • Have you had a fever?
  • Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the past
    14 days?
  • Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?


Sick Policy:  Please, if you are feeling sick, have a cough, fever, or have been exposed to anyone diagnosed with COVID-19, do not come to the gym until you have self-quarantined for a minimum of 14 days, per CDC recommendations.


Thank you for your patience as we navigate these ever changing waters and guidelines. And Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your continued support through this!

We are so grateful for each of you and can’t wait to get you back in here and help you continue your fitness and health journey! 



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