Is Fitness a Priority now..

We did it, we’ve come out of an almost nationwide quarantine, survived the 1st wave of a global pandemic and many of us have come out learning a few things – like whats truly important to us. 


I heard many people sharing this- that they are ready to make a change in their lives- to get their priorities in line. 


Many folks realized that they are ready to put their family and their health first or some realized how grateful they are for their health and are more dedicated than ever to training. 


No matter which camp you might be in- you might have come up from the dust needing some help. Realized that left to your own devices you might just head back to the fridge or the cookie cupboard. It’s ok – this stuff is hard to go alone- being the sole person to be accountable to- the sole person for motivation. Most people need help – most people need external accountability and motivation-  you are not alone.

 You need a Coach.

You need more than just a workout to follow- you need someone on the other end to help keep you accountable, keep you moving safely, keep you motivated to keep going when you don’t want to. 

When you walk into Vantage Movement, we start with a conversation. We learn about you. What are your goals? What is your past fitness experience? What is working for you with your nutrition, and what do you need help with?


There is no one size fits all approach. It does not exist.


Every person who walks through our doors for the first time has a coach to help guide them to the right path. And every time you walk into the gym thereafter there will be a coach to guide you through your workout or nutrition coaching.


Is personal training the best option to reach your goals? A coach will help you decide.


Are group classes the right fit? A coach will help you determine that.


Do you need nutrition coaching? A coach will help you figure that out.


If your a current member- you already know this but you might need to get refocused on your goals and get some additional accountability- we’re here for that. Schedule a goal setting session here.


Interested in talking to a Coach – Schedule here.


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