Method in the Madness

Method In the Madness:

I was having coffee with a friend last Wednesday. Well, we weren’t drinking coffee together, it was a Zoom call and we were both drinking coffee, but he was on his balcony and I was in my garage.  As the conversation weaved in and around, we started talking about the recent events surrounding our affiliation.  We talked about the comments, our decision, and what we were going to do next. I was able to distill what it was that drew us to our affiliation in the first place.  The methodology.  What is it about the suffix, -ology that just makes things seem cool and smart?

Throughout all the controversy the affiliation has had over the years, the one thing that has been our anchor was the method to helping our members achieve their desired results.  The journal articles we read 14 years ago gave us an incredibly strong foundation to build upon. From there we’ve continued to add on to that foundation, building and refining, building and refining.

 As your worlds changed, the method remained.  As calmness and chaos ebbed and flowed in your life, the method was consistent.

We’ve been cultivating our brand of fitness since the early days of 1on1 personal training.  We’ve played with variety in movements and time domains, sets, reps and tempos.  We’ve prescribed intensity from long and low to short and high and everything in between.

With all the work we’ve put in and all the work you’ve put in, we have confirmed that increasing your capacity both physically and mentally will bring you closer to the results you not only talk about, but think about and aren’t quite comfortable speaking just yet.

Being physically prepared for all the adventures life might present you adds a level of confidence and comfort.  From short distances and long distances, to high skilled tasks and grunt work, you want to be ready for it all.   It’s basically health insurance.  You don’t know when you’re going to need it, or how much, but you know it’s better to have as much coverage as you can.

With a new opportunity to define what we do in class, we will be changing the name of our Group Training program to Vantage Capacity.

We will be focusing more on increasing your capacity to handle things both physically, mentally and believe it or not, emotionally.  The workouts will look the same, we will be challenging you with barbells and dumbbells, kettlebells and your body.  We’ll be rowing and running, jumping and riding. The class structure will feel the same, we’ll be mobilizing and activating, working on skills, strength and endurance and finishing with a workout that ties it all together.  What will change is the intention we all bring to class. Your focus and ours will be clear, Increase Your Capacity!

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