Back 2 movement founded by Dr. Jimmy Westover is more than your typical chiropractic office. Our number one goal is to help you return to or improve your ability to do activity’s you love. We do this threw the integration of chiropractic care and active care.
Active care is the utilization of movements either non weighted or weighted to improve healing and empower the individual to realize what is possible.
We are located within Vantage Movement a 7000 sqft fitness facility. This space allows us the opportunity to get out and move. At back 2 movement it is our belief that people will get better faster if they have the ability to move in a way that has meaning to them.
Due to this Back 2movement is focused on truly understanding each individual, and finding what there BACK 2 is, and creating a treatment plan that gets them to that goal as quickly and efficiently as possible.
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Back to Movement Mobility Class: 
Do you find yourself doing the same mobility every day with not much improvements? Mobility can be frustration, and sometimes we get caught in a rut because we don’t know what else to do. This is why Dr. Westover is going to be hosting weekly mobility classes focused on specific regions of the body. So that you can add things to your mobilityarsenal and achieve those 2019 movement goals.
Now mobility is much more than just stretching or smashing a muscle, in hopes that it will improve the way it moves underload. Smashing and stretching give temporary changes in how the muscle acts underload. What Dr. Westover dose for mobility is focus on not only the muscular aspects of mobility but the drive that the central nervous system plays in limiting mobility. When you work to affect both the muscle and the central nervous system, this is when lasting mobility happens.
 Now why is mobility so important?  Mobility is important for many reasons but a few of the more important ones are, mobility allows the body to move with less effort. This means the more reps and more weight moved. Also mobility challenges the body to go into positions it doesn’t experience often.  The more we move in different directions the more resilient you are to injury. So if you want to move better with less injuries in 2019 sign up for Back2Movements mobility series.
Mobility Class currently meets on Mondays at 5pm. Be sure to email to confirm and get the most up to date schedule!

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