Vantage Kids/Teens

Vantage Kids/Teens

Fitness made fun for kids and teens

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Our Next Kids Program for kids ages 6-12 and begins October 16th!  A 4 week program with multiple packages to fit your schedule! Classes will meet on Tuesdays at 5:15pm and Saturdays at 8:15am. Parents welcome to workout while your child is in class!

2 class pass options! $45 for 4 classes $89 for all 8 classes.
Sign up online here — 4 classes or 8 classes.

Our Vantage kids classes are specifically designed for children and teenagers. We incorporate the latest research and methodologies to craft a very effective youth program .

Mission:  Our mission is to make fitness fun and safe for your children, while teaching a love for exercise and nutrition.

The skills addressed expand to include the majority of CrossFit’s foundational and auxiliary movements and the time frame extends to accommodate the developing abilities of kids and teens and also focuses on fun to get kids excited about exercising.

How can a Kids Fitness program benefit my child?

It enhances a child’s motor skills by teaching better movement and cognitive skills through engaging children to think about their movement, count their reps, remember the sequences, and work towards goals. Vantage Kids augments a child or teen’s involvement in sports by incorporating strength training and conditioning to make our athletes better athletes at any sport.

In addition to increasing a child’s or teen’s fitness and athleticism it:

– Instills a lifelong definition of health and positive body image
– Reverses prevalent health issues such as obesity
– Protects against injury
– Creates a community of like-minded individuals for support and self-confidence
– Hones life skills such as concentration, problem solving, perseverance, dedication, motivation, and goal-setting

Your children need to jump, run, throw, push and pull in order to live healthier, more able-bodied lives, and that is exactly what we do in a Kids class.
Our sessions run 45 min-1 hour classes dependent on age. It will consist of a warm-up, skill focus to learn new movements, a conditioning aspect and a fun educational piece on Nutrition or other wellness topics.

Age Groups:

  • 3-5 year old
  • 6-12 year olds
  • 13-18 year olds


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