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InBody Scans show you what your made of. Come take a deeper dive beyond the scale.

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Come see what your made of…

The Inbody is one of the most advanced body composition anaylyzers in the world. Simply stand on the device for 60 seconds, and see your Percent body fat, Basal Metabolic rate, Segmental Muscle Balance, Body Composition History and more on a full page Result Sheet Printout. The Inbody is fast, accurate and non invasive.

The InBody allows you to take a deeper look at what’s happening to your body and how your nutrition and fitness is changing your muscle mass and body fat.

The Inbody will help you understand your weight, measure your strength and set goals!


Single scan – $25
2 scan – $40
4 scans – $75
6 scans – $110
$30/per scan


  • I've lost almost 5 pounds

    Over the past 2 months I've lost 5 pounds, gained .5 pound of muscle and lost 2.6% body fat. But I'm not sure I would have known the difference just seeing

    Deidres success story

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