mobility: warm-up: 4x 6 squat therapy 1.strict pull-ups, 2.kipping pull-ups, 3.strict pull-ups, 4.kipping pull-ups 12 KB Thrusters WOD: 5x 5 Bear Complex 9 Pull-ups


Mobility: Warm-Up: 3x Squat Therapy Pull-ups PVC Warm-up WOD “Jessica” 10x 1 rope climb (sub 15 ring rows) 23 Hand Release Push-ups 2 Bear Complex (115/75) (Power Clean, Front Squat, Pushpress, Back Squat, Pushpress) Thank you to everyone who came out today and joined in the memorial WOD for Jessica Ridgeway. Our thoughts are with […]


mobility: Foam Roll Couch Stretch Warm-up: PVC Complex Barbell Clean Progression Strength: Build up to Heavy 1rep Power Clean WOD: 10x 3 Curtis P’s 4 C2B Pull-ups


mobility: Warm-up: Clean Complex power clean, hang power clean + front squat, power clean + pushpress Strength: 3×3 Clean *When you see just the word Clean, or Snatch, it means the bar starts on the ground and you need to pass through the squat position before it’s a successful lift* WOD: “Compulsive Cleaner” 7x 6 […]


Mobility: Warm-up: Calories Squats Push-ups Ring Rows WoD: Barbell Complex 5x 6 Deadlift 5 Hang Power Clean 4 Pushpress 3 Lunges 12 Toes 2 Bar