Mobility: Warm-up: 3x 200m run 7 Squat Therapy 5 Power Cleans 8 Barbell Pushpress Strength: Squat Clean WOD: Power Cleans Wallball Shots Community In the early morning hours just before I left the house I found out about the unbelievable tragedy in a movie theater in Aurora. The sun hadn’t even come up […]


Mobility: Warm-up: 2x 200m run 10 Hand Release Push-ups 20 mb pullover sit-ups Sprints: 4x 200m sprints WOD: AMRAP 15mins Suicide Run 8 Burpees 10 Toes 2 Bar


Warm-up: Squat Therapy PVC Complex Rack Stretch Parellete Push-ups Strength: 5x 5 Ring Dips (10 Parellete) WOD: “Bear Tracks” For Quality 5x increase weight each round 3x Bear Complex (power clean, front squats, pushpress, back squat, pushpress) 4 strict Pull-ups 20 Plank-ups Hand Care. We are a core to extremity based program. ¬†We use big, […]