mobility: warm-up: Turkish Get-ups KB Press sandbag shoulder skill: Muscle-up wod: zac’s birthday wod Buy In: 26 burpees 6x 4 ring dips 9 sbgu Cash Out: 26 burpees Happy Birthday Zac!!!


mobility: warm-up: 3x 20 double unders 5 ring push-ups 5 squat therapy 20 mb pullovers Skill: Ring Dips WOD: burpees 5 mins rest 90secs kb swings 3 mins rest 90 secs box jumps 1mins


mobility: warm-up: 3x 6 shoot thru 5-10 pull-ups (strict) 7 squat therapy skill: 5x 3-5 ring dips wod: 3 mins burpees rest 90secs 3 mins wallball rest 90secs 1 min box jumps


Mobility: Warm-up: 3x 200m Row 5 Shoot Thrus Ring Support 10secs Skill: Ring Dips 5×3 5x 1 min on 1min off Rower (for meters) Double Unders


mobility: warm-up: Snatch Complex power snatch, hang power snatch +oh squat, squat snatch Strength: 5×5 Power Snatch WOD: “A Complex Snatch” 15.12.9. Power Snatch Ring Dips My Mom makes the most amazing meatballs and spaghetti in the world. I am 100% biased but I grew up in a very Italian neighborhood, so it’s not like […]

Mobility: Warm-up: 2x 250m row 25 mb sit-ups 12 plank ups/side Strength: Power Clean WOD: 5x 6 SBGU 7 Power Clean 12 Dips (4 ring dips)