mobility: warm-up: 2x 100 m run squat therapy parallette plank w/ hip extension Strength: Find Heavy 1rep Front Squat WOD: 3x 400m run 21 goblet squats 42 flutter kicks


Mobility: Warm-up: 2x 15-20 jane fonda hip complex 60sec plank complex 2x 30 Hip Bridges (10x 2legs,20x single legs) 20 MB sit-ups Strength: Build up to Heavy 1rep Strict Press 3-10 Strict Pull-ups wod: 3x 15 Hang Power Clean + Pushpress (95#-115#) 15 Toes 2 Bar


mobility: Foam Roll Couch Stretch Warm-up: PVC Complex Barbell Clean Progression Strength: Build up to Heavy 1rep Power Clean WOD: 10x 3 Curtis P’s 4 C2B Pull-ups