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In case you missed The Vantage Fitness Test and Goal setting session.. We’ve got you covered! Here are some quick tips to setting goals! 

There are copies of the Vantage Fitness Test and some goal setting sheets on the front desk at the gym! Be sure to grab one and schedule a one on one goals session with Coach Amanda. Just email us to schedule!

Tips to to create goals that are realistic and that work! 

  • Focus on 1 goal at a time (you can’t do all the things at one time)
  • Get down to the real why? What’s important about this goal to you? Is your goal self driven or driven by comparison or social pressures. Get clear on this. What is your true motivation?
  • Set measurable, specific and time bound goals. Getting toned is not a bad goal but its not clear enough, to get clear answers to these questions.

What is the measure?

Get Specific? How will you know you achieved it? What desired feeling are you after? 

What’s the timeline: By When will you do it?

  • Get real – realistic? Is your goal achievable in the alloted time? What roadblocks might you encounter. There’s nothing worse than setting the bar too high for a goal and missing everytime- this is why most people stop setting goals all together, if they fail they thinking- I knew I couldn’t do it and it becomes a pattern.
  • Set mini goals on the way to your big goal: It’s important to have and celebrate micro goals on the way to your big goal. For example; If you want to run a marathon, breaking your running and recovery down into smaller running/recovery goals each week/month will set you up for success. 

What are your mini  goals- Work backwards from the larger goal:


The next Vantage Fitness Test is November 16th! Mark your Calanders!


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