The CF Open at Vantage

What is the Open/Intramural Open?
The Intramural open is a based on the CrossFit Open!

The idea of of the Intramural Open is to encourage a sense of team and belonging around the CrossFit Open! It gives something to work toward instead of just the individual score.

How does it work(stages):

On February 7th we will complete the Member Draft where you choose what people you want on your team. After that, it is “open recruitment”. So anyone that had not registered for the open before then can still register and be recruited to a team.
Teams will be capped at 10, then 15, then 20, etc to make sure the teams come out even.

Step 1 – Register
Go to and register for The Open! Select CrossFit Vantage as your affiliate during your registration process. It’s the best $20 you’ll spend for fun 5 week event!

Step 2 – Add Yourself to CrossFit Vantage Affiliate Team
Once registered add yourself to our team!

Step 3 – Put your name on CrossFit Open poster in the gym and write down your “Why & Goal” for joining in!

Step 4 – Get Drafted to a Team on Feb. 7th!
Now that your registered you will be “drafted” by one of our Intramural Open Teams! There will be 3 teams for this year’s Open. You will be notified by captain after the draft as to which team you are on. Once on that team, points will be awarded for each team, for various areas throughout the open. You will be apart of a FB group for your specific teams!

Step 5 – Come every Friday night to do the Workout and Help Judge your fellow athletes! Dates:
9.1- Feb. 21
19.2- March 1
19.3- March 8
19.4- March 15
19.5- March 22
These events are as much fun as they are fitness! Each week 60 plus people pack our space with friends, spirits, vendors and fitness! The energy is incredible and you will not want to miss out!

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