The Planning Habit

Planning and Habits- a perfect marriage…


Do you plan out your days? Weeks? Training Sessions, Meals? Or do just the thought  those questions stress you out??

Ok I have to admit I am a planner, like maybe a little too much sometimes I feel lost without a plan. And sometimes I also hate always having to have a plan. So I feel you on both sides.  

But.. What I do know is that if  I don’t have a plan life will happen to me instead of me taking the wheel and let’s face it like to be in the driver’s seat. 

(Just ask my husband : ) 

So, how do plan and habits go together? Well, in the words of forrest gump , like peas and carrots. 

Let’s talk about how planning can help your habits. Basically planning is the glue that help you keep your habits together.

Theoretically if something is a habit we don’t have to “think’ about it we kind of just do it. But, life is busy and crowded and sometimes those things that crowd our life can take over if we are not careful and  our habits get pushed out if we don’t plan accordingly.


For example, While I would say that Exercise is a habit of mine, I know if i don’t put it in my google calendar i’ll let others things (maybe less important things) fill that time. Does that make sense? 


Healthy eating is a habit of mine too. BUT if i don’t have a meal plan for the week and grocery shop accordingly things can fall off the rails pretty quick. You hear me??


Basically you still need to plan, because a dream(or habit) without a plan is just a wish – yeah you’ve heard that one before i’m sure.


Here are some Practical Tips:

I truly believe in the Value of setting up your weeks and days and Months. Ok, that seems like a lot so let’s break it down.

Monthly: Every Month (pick a day every month) and sit down with your calendar (and your family if applicable) and plan the things that are important. Like, planning some fun, who has what and when? 


Weekly: Pick a day,maybe Sunday and plan out the week.  Again plan the rocks (the most important things to you) First. Like put your workouts in first, put your date night in, put in your time with your kids,etc etc.

Here are some things to maybe add:


Meals Plan




Daily: Each day or night prior review the next days tasks and plan them out. 

When are you doing what? How long will each thing take? 

What time are you waking up? Going to bed? Are the MIT”S Most important tasks or habits in there? 


A couple more tips on Planning:

Tools: I use a google calendar, a EVO planner, a Grocery List app and a lot of post it :). Most days my tools help me stay on track. It’s important to find tools that you like but most importantly that you use. What use are those 500 apps on your phone to track your fitness or food if you never use them. So what’s the best tool- the one you use consistently. 


Consistency: Consistency is the cornerstone habit to having habits 🙂 You must be consistent.

Remember the plan but be flexible- ok I realize that sounds like a hypocrtical statemeet to the consistency statement above but what i really meant is that, if your plan gets detailing don’t use it as a permission to just stop or quit trying. 

If I make a meal plan and on Tuesday we are supposed to have had a Pork Roast  but i wake up to realize I never laid it out and it’s still frozen, I can be flexible. I can make a different meal on the meal plan from that week.  But i’m not going to Taco bell. The plan is like guard rails not road closures.  They help you stay in line but not off the path. 


Planning and Habits go hand in hand. Planning makes your habits successful and keeps them going. 


So, what’s your plan for tomorrow?


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