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February starts our Competitive Season at Vantage.  We start the month off with our Friday Night Bar Fights, a great way to introduce yourself to fitness competitions and workouts similar to what you might find in the Reebok CrossFit Open.  At the end of February, we are one of the many affiliates that take part in the 5 week long CrossFit Open. The First Step in crowning the Fittest People on the Planet.  

Since it’s inception, the open has been a divisive topic in the CrossFit Community.  

“I’m not going to win, so why should I sign up”

“I can do the workouts in class anyway, why do I need to sign up”

“I can’t do the workouts Rx’d so what’s the point”

Some of us love the CrossFit Open, some of us could care less about competing in The Sport of Fitness.  Some of our  Coaches have compiled their top beliefs why you Should or Shouldn’t Compete in this years Reebok CrossFit Open.


Sign up:

  1. Having a date on the calendar tends to produce higher quality training AKA train for a purpose.
  2. Test your limits. How hard can I push? What are my strengths? Where can I improve?
  3. Deepen your connection to the community. Gym-wide, statewide, regionwide, worldwide. Grow your love for CrossFit and those you do it with.

Don’t sign up:

  1. If I don’t win there is no point. You aren’t going to win… if your goals are unreasonable don’t discourage yourself.
  2. Injury. If you’re hurt, Take care of yourself so you are better than ever next year!
  3.  Mobility. If you can’t jump, squat to depth, or properly perform most movements or their scaled derivatives a competition may not be a good choice.
  4. Doing the Open will destroy my job, marriage, ruin my vacation or otherwise get in the way of other things in life that are more important to you.


Sign Up:

1) Community – There’s nothing quite like working towards a common goal to bring people together. One of the major reasons CrossFit is such a success is because people love the community it creates. Being part of the Open creates an even greater sense of community here at Vantage and it is an fun and motivating thing to be apart of.

2) Focus – Having a competition on the horizon will give you reason to to stay dedicated to your training. It’s useful to have a reason to train in terms of some personal goal. Competing helps bring focus and determination to your training.

3) Being part of something bigger – Last year 324,307 people from every possible demographic competed in the games, this year there’ll be even more. The open is not just about creating a community within Vantage, but about bringing the entire CrossFit community together.

4) Mental Growth – These WODs will likely put you outside of your comfort zone. This is a good thing! It is not until we leave our comfort zone that growth is made. Push yourself through these five weeks of competition and you will finish the Open marveled at your own ability to overcome challenges.


Why you should:

  1. Brings the community together. 5am people get a chance to workout with 5pm people.
  2. The Open has something that brings out the awesomeness that people didn’t think they had in them. Whether it’s being able to PR their olympic lifts, getting their first muscle up, or first pull up.
  3. Why not find out where your performance is at that given moment and try to beat it the next year.

Why you shouldn’t:

  1. If you’re a sore loser when it comes to someone beating you in a wod.
  2. Injuries should be treated before thinking about competing.
  3. Have a bigger priority with work, school, or family. If you only can come to the gym only once a week before the open then maybe we should worry more about just getting you in the gym more often.


Reasons for doing The Open:

  1. Good Intro to Competition (Test them nerves out)
  2. See where you stand amongst other crossfitters outside of your home gym
  3. Good way to get more involved with the gym community
  4. So you can waste time leaderboarding at work

Reasons NOT to do The Open:

  1. Have a busy travel schedule during the 5 weeks of the open
  2. Have no interest in that type of environment/energy when working out
  3. Injury
  4. Don’t want to waste time at work leaderboarding

These are a few of the reasons we’ve come up with. But remember, you’re on your own Journey.  You’re training for your own purpose.  Maybe The Open plays into that journey, maybe it doesn’t.  The important thing to remember is that you need to push your perceived limits.  Don’t settle for good enough, don’t be content with what you’ve got.  You need to Challenge yourself.  Maybe the Open is just the challenge you’re looking for.





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